DC Comics to Publish English Translation of Batman & the Justice League Manga

In March last year, it was announced that Japanese artist Shiori Teshirogi would produce a manga to tie in with the release of the Justice League movie in Japan. Announced during a visit to the country by DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and Co-Publisher Jim Lee to promote the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies, the manga would be serialized in the summer in monthly shōnen magazine Champion Red. And so it was, published by Akita Shoten.

Well, in October, DC Comics will translate and publish the series in English, collected in a single volume.

Batman & the Justice League Manga Vol. 1
Shiori Teshirogi
23 October 2018 Trade Paperback
$12.99 200 pages

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League begin a new mission in these manga tales newly translated for an American audience in BATMAN & THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MANGA VOL. 1!

A young boy from Japan travels to Gotham City on a mission. A year before, his two parents—both scientists—were presumably killed in an expolosion that destroyed an experimental power plant. But the boy believes they may still be alive. At the very least, he’s determined to find out what actually happened. But his quest soon leads to a run-in with some powerful forces—forces that require help from both Batman and the Justice League!

Mangaka Shiori Teshirogi (SAINT SEIYA: THE LOST CANVAS) creates an exciting new story, bridging an authentic Japanese comics approach with the World’s Greatest Superheroes. Translated into English and collected for the Western audience for the first time, BATMAN & THE JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1 is phenomenal entry point for fans of the Justice League and manga alike!

Here’s a look at the Japanese original.

champion red

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