Death Pose in Dragon Ball Z Became a Meme Hit

Dragon Ball, the popular anime series has had quite bit of exposure on the Internet recently.
Death Pose in Dragon Ball Z Became a Meme Hit

A particular figure of Yamcha, one of Goku’s rival-turned-friends is getting a lot of attention.

Though it shows Yamcha in quite a pitiful state, fans seems to be getting a huge kick out of it.

In Dragon Ball, Yamcha is killed by a Saibaman, who aren’t that formitable of an enemy, so getting killed by one is rather, well, embarrassing.

So, it could be used to indicate when someone is weak or has failed. In short, when somebody got Yamcha’d.

Since the figure recreated by toy manufacturer Bandai doesn’t come with an amazing diorama like the scenario in the anime, it’s not difficult make one ourselves.

Like the floor.

In your boss’s desk.

Somebody’s leg.

Or, best of all, an apple pie. If you cannot make a crater diorama, you can always bake an pie instead.

And if you cannot bake a pie, then really, learn how. Stuff like that is important.



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