Detective Conan Manga Takes 4-Week Hiatus


It was revealed in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine on Wednesday that Detective Conan will be going on a four-week hiatus starting from the next issue until the continuing 10th issue. The reason for this long break is for the creator Gosho Aoyama to conduct more research for the series.

This isn’t the only time Aoyama went on hiatus. He recently went on hiatus last September 26 for the same reason. Detective Conan then resumed on November 28.

Meanwhile the spinoff manga series Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time by Takahiro Arai will have new chapters while the original manga series will go on hiatus.

The Detective Conan manga was first released in 1994. The series has become the first to publish its 1,000th chapter in the magazine as of August last year. More than ninety volumes are released with the 94th volume released last December.

From the manga came an anime adaptation that released in January 1996. Other than an anime, the series also has a number of animated feature films, original video animations, video games, audio disc releases, and live action episodes.

The main story of the series tells of Shinichi Kudo. Once a prodigal high school detective, he ends up being turned into a child by a mysterious organization and takes on the name Conan Edogawa. With the help of gadgets from a family friend and together with detective Kogoro Mori and his daughter Ran, Conan helps the police solve difficult mysteries by impersonating the detective and other characters.


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