Diet-Themed Apartments in Japan Lets Renters Trade Fat for Discounts


A Rental Agency in Toda, Saitama is offering a fun program to help make rent cheaper for their tenants. By dieting and exercising on-site, tenants can earn credits for a monthly rent discount!

The Rental Agency is called Gran Toda and they are offering the program to commemorate their grand opening. “Change Your Style, Change Your Body Oakhouse Fat Purchasing Campaign” is challenging new tenants to lose weight in exchange for deductions on their rent. If you drop two kilograms (4.4 pounds), you’ll receive a 10,000 yen ($91) discount.

The owners of the place are huge anime fans and they have come up with the idea through watching how persistent anime characters are during training sessions.

Gran Toda offers group training session, cooking lessons, and personal training programs to help their residents succeed. They also provide top-of-line exercise equipment that can be used.

Besides the unique weightloss program, Gran Toda also offers more privacy compared to other shared homes. All 36 rooms have their own bathrooms, storage spaces, and verandas. It also features shared dining areas, a coffee bar, and a library.

Gran Toda’s overseer Yuzo Hoshino wants the share house to embody the mantra of “Work Smart, Play Hard, Stay Healthy.” He envisioned the weightloss-for-rent program after studying at the University of Tokyo.

Gran Toda will be hosting free open house tours every Sunday this June, which includes a 40-minute exercise trial. Tenants that move in before the end of June will also receive one-month of free rent.

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