Dragon Ball Super Is Returning & Production Has Already Begun In Japan!?


Hey guys! How’s it going on!? This year has been an emotional ride and I think we are finally going to get some good news by the end of the year. The year started out as we Dragon Ball Super was getting ready for it’s climax in Tournament of Power with Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. Shortly after we got to know that Dragon Ball Super is going to end it’s TV series as Tournament of Power comes to an end. That was really sad for all of us.

Today, I have some exciting news for you guys which might just make you shout “HELL YEAHH” loudly. We all know that Dragon Ball Super’s original run ended in March, 2018 while the English Dub is still going on strong. We all were really sad about the show ending so abruptly while we wanted more. Well, while it’s confirmed and the new arc for Dragon Ball Super manga has started but what’s the status on the TV series?

Till now, there’s been no official announcement for the TV series and nearly everyone is hoping that they are going to do something at the Jump Festa and just announce it that the TV series is coming back for good. Jump Festa is on December 22, 2018 so it’s still a lot of days away but right now, yes just right now we got an Italian to English Translation of Vegeta’s voice actor which presumably just leaked something big accidentally I guess. 

The translation done by Loop_Zen on twitter goes as the following – “The movie (Dragon Ball Super Broly) takes place between the series we’re currently dubbing and the next one which is now in production in Japan, that will be the continuation of the cinematographic work” The user even adds, “Iacono… have you said what you have said?”. Even he can’t believe what the voice actor has revealed. This is really big news.

I mean he literally said that the movie takes place between Tournament of Power and the series which is under production in Japan. This also kinda confirms that the anime is going to continue with the ‘Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc’ with the new villain for the return of anime. I think this would be perfect as the manga would be ahead of the anime and then could follow the manga instead of just going in a whole different way they were doing till now.

This is also good as the new arc Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc in the manga is being supervised by Akira Toriyama himself, so the story and direction would definitely be better than usual. Before, Toriyama used to help with the anime while Toyotaro was handling the manga alone. Now, if Toriyama can help supervise the manga, it would be easier for him and the animation studio to produce the anime too. I think it’s a very good step too. 

I think they were going to announce this in Jump Fest but they didn’t expect someone to translate a foreign voice actors interview and spread it on twitter. Well, either way, people are going to be happy about this whole return. People are waiting so anxiously that one day Dragon Ball Super will return and then they would have some meaning in their life. Ever since Tournament of Power ended, Saturday Nights haven’t been the same!

Well, I was kinda hoping that they show the movie in the anime too as I would love to see some extra parts of the 3 hour script Akira Toriyama submitted. There was just so much material that they had to cut it down to fit the movie in the current time standards. I think we would at least get to see some flashbacks or maybe the first episode about Broly, Frieza, etc. That would be pretty sweet. I just hope that they don’t ruin it though.

Well, that was that. I just hope there’s no error in the translation and we are actually getting the return of Dragon Ball Super. I just hope they do the official announcement soon if it’s returning. Well, what do you guys think about this whole thing? The first thing I did after seeing that was to make this post so I could alert all of you fans who were waiting for this moment. Well, anyway let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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