Dragon Ball Super Manga To Enter New Arc On 21 November

Dragon Ball Super Manga To Enter New Arc On 21 November

The Dragon Ball Super manga has been dropping some really good chapters recently. The whole Tournament of Power arc has been a hit and miss in the anime, and I expected it to be that way, to begin with. I think Toyotaro needs to work on his writing, but a part of me feels that he’s improving slowly. He had to rush the Tournament of Power because he wants the manga to go ahead of the anime.

Dragon Ball Super Manga To Enter New Arc On 21 November

If that does happen, he can work at his own pace. This month, the Tournament of Power is going to conclude in the manga, and according to what we know, a new arc is going to begin towards the end of the upcoming chapter. Last month, we got to see lots of interesting things in the manga, from Ultra Instinct to Jiren’s wish, to Goku and Vegeta fighting together against Jiren. I think the previous chapter was really exceptional, nad I have high expectations from the upcoming finale as well.

Dragon Ball Super New Arc Begins

17, and Freeza will probably be back for the finale of the Tournament of Power, and I expect Vegeta to go out just like he did in the anime. Or maybe Goku, Vegeta, and Freeza will launch an attack on Jiren together, and then 17 will win the Tournament for them just like he did in the anime. Either way, things are looking very interesting for the Dragon Ball series now, because we’re finally heading into new territory.

The manga is set to begin a new arc later this month when the next chapter comes out, and we will also get the world premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly later this month at Tokyo. I think the manga will also give us a brief look at Broly. The manga and the anime will likely cover the same stuff, which is the movie in my opinion. We may get a teaser for the movie on November 21 in the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super Broly, and that’s what really excites me.

Dragon Ball Super manga returns later this month in the V-Jump. Make sure that you check Otakukart daily to find more information on the upcoming chapter.

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