Dragon Ball Super: New Saiyan Previewed, Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D Returns

Here comes a new Saiyan! In the Universe Survival Tournament, we will be introduced to a new Saiyan character, one who has been previewed before and is in the scan below as a female Saiyan who can transform into a Super Saiyan! Designed by the original Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama, this unnamed female Saiyan has no tail in her normal state and resembles the popular filler character, Brolly, in her Super Saiyan form. The scan mentions she will be an important character that has already appeared in the opening for the series and is playfully reserved about if she is from Universe 6 or Universe 7.

We aren’t sure why the scan mentions Universe 7 since that’s Beerus/Whis’ universe and we already know who the fighters and Saiyans from that universe are. Maybe we’re in for a surprise in Dragon Ball Super? Saiyan Island hopes to have additional information on the female Saiyan as soon as it is announced.

For those wondering what Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D is, it was a cinematic attraction at Universal Studios Japan last year that recreated Goku vs Frieza in 4D. It returns this year on June 30. For those unfamiliar, 4D takes video to the next level, providing viewers with an sensor-equipped motion seats, wind, strobe, fog, rain and various smells to enhance the viewing experience. A 3D version of the video can be found on YouTube.

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