Duel-Type Evolutions May Be Introduced Soon and This is What They’ll Look Like

We may be getting Duel-type evolutions in for the next Pokemon game and series and this artist managed to capture some of their favourite mixes. On rare occasion, an Eevee can be affected by more than one environmental factor, and reacts to grow into a new, rare evolution.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Citreon (Grass/Electric)

Grass/Electric Eeveelutions are capable of a unique form of photosynthesis that generates electricity along with producing energy. The specialized process doesn’t provide enough nutrients to live off of, so these Eeveelutions hunt diligently, stalking their targets silently before using their tremendous speed overwhelm unwary prey; difficult opponents may be subjected to a powerful electric attack. Citreon are very trainable, but captive individuals require a lot of exercise to burn off the energy they produce each day. The yellow berries that grow on their side are a popular snack for those that can tolerate their sour flavor; eating a few grants an incredible burst in energy without resulting in a crash. Feeding Eevee these berries can cause them to evolve into a Grass/Electric type, though other evolution methods are known as well.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Melteon (Psychic/Water)

Psychic/Water Eeveelutions can only be found in the cleanest of fresh water sources, and will only appear to trainers whom they sense are pure of heart, deceiving others with minor illusions until the intruder has left their territory. They can sometimes be seen basking along the water’s edge, inspiring tales of mermaids, though their ear-like gills allow them to live primarily under the water. These Eeveelutions display a masterful control over water, manipulating it though a combination of hydrokinesis and telekinesis; they are known to make complex water ‘sculptures’ to impress people and Pokemon that they like. They braid their own tails upon maturity by using their psychic power – the bead that forms around the end of their tail is a manifestation of this power. By giving their Eevee a Mystic Water, training it near clean fresh water sources, and befriending them truly, a Trainer may be able to evolve their Eevee into this Eeveelution.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Poppeon (Psychic/Grass)

The flower at the end of this Eeveelution’s tail is filled with dark seeds that match the gem on their forehead. The seeds have psychoactive properties that grant temporary psychic powers when consumed; as a result, their seeds are highly coveted by certain individuals. The flower closes at night, and also enables them to use photosynthesis if food is scarce. These Pokemon are extremely perceptive, and can use their psychic abilities to confuse and disorient opponents who encroach on their territory. The origin of the Psychic/Grass Eeveelution is a mystery, though it believed that the species continues to propagate by feeding their offspring the seeds from their tail, which influences their evolution. If they can find them, Trainers can use these seeds to evolve their own Eevee into a psychic and grass-type.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Empatheon (Psychic/Fairy)

It is virtually unheard-of to find Psychic/Fairy Eeveelutions naturally in the wild; rather, they can be found among Trainers and families as life long companions. An Eevee will only evolve into a Psychic/Fairy type when it has been raised from a young age by an individual with whom it has built a strong relationship of trust, affection, and friendship – and has not been exposed to any conflicting stimuli. They exude an intoxicating aura from the gem on their chest that weakens feelings of hostility and anxiety, as well as heightens endorphin production. As a result, they are known to be excellent emotional support Pokemon. These Eeveelutions are able to sense the intentions anyone who draws near, and will use their psychic abilities to viciously attack any opponent who wishes harm to their loved ones. Though they are not typically fighters at heart, they are very capable in battle, and are unfleeting in their protection of those they care for.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Sireneon (Water/Fairy)

Eevee who live along the shores of large bodies of water will typically evolve into the aquatic Vaporeon; however, if they have been taken in by another Fairy-type Pokemon whom they have deep affection for, often wild Azumarill or Primarina, they may evolve into a Water/Fairy Eeveelution. These rare Pokemon have brilliantly colored scales that attract the attention of other Pokemon and people alike, which they use to their advantage when hunting. The thicker scale pattern around their neck hides their gills, which allows them to spend most of their adult life in the water. When out of water, they have been spotted basking atop rocks, calling to passing ships in a sing-song voice. They have a very playful demeanor and love attention, though there are accounts of this Pokemon dragging sailors down into the depth if they felt insulted.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Tsuneon  (Psychic/Fire)

Psychic/Fire Eeveelutions are scarcely found in the wild, and are exclusively found in a habit where they are exposed to continual high temperatures and posses deep bonds with other Pokemon, as well as a powerful receptivity to energy from the sun. The solar and thermal energy they absorb grants them a good deal of both Psychic and Fire-type power, and although they are strong battlers they prefer to avoid conflict by reading the intentions of approaching Trainers and Pokemon, and creating illusions to hide their presence when necessary. These Eeveelutions are extremely loyal and loving to those who have earned their affection; their fuchsia fire only burns those that they wish to harm.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Sporeon (Dark/Grass)

Few Eevee are naturally nocturnal, but those that are may become the host to a symbiotic fungus, which bonds with them to a genetic level. The fungus typically grows on the back and legs, though it may sprout anywhere that’s not a detriment to the host Pokemon. These Dark/Grass type Eeveelutions must stick to the shadows to keep the mushrooms healthy, which grants them the use of many grass-, poison-type, and spore-based attacks. As Sporeon absorb energy from the moon’s aura and light, the mushrooms use this energy to produce a bioluminescent glow, which intrigues and mesmerizes passing Pokemon and allows the Eeveelution to strike. Spores are released almost constantly from their tail, but the fungus is too weak to infect other Pokemon.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Floreon (Fairy/Grass)

In the wild, Fairy/Grass Eeveelutions can be found living in flowering meadows, surrounded by a tightly knit community of other Pokemon. They are very affectionate, even to strangers, but will lash out with their thorny vines if they or those they care about are threatened. These Eeveelutions survive off of a combination of nectar and energy from photosynthesis, which they perform through the large flower around their neck. The flower will only wilt if the Pokemon is severely mistreated; however, when these Pokemon are happy, flowers are known to sprout up where they step – the aroma from them is said to be exquisite.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Kelpeon (Water/Grass)

Eevee will only evolve into a Water/Grass type if they regularly swam in lakes and ponds that are heavily covered with aquatic seed plants. They are most commonly found in swamps covered in ducklettweed, where they float just beneath the water’s surface with only the reed-like plants on their back exposed. In this position, they are perfectly camouflaged and are able to perform photosynthesis. This Eeveelution does not survive solely off of sunlight, and will hunt for small prey both underwater and on land, where they use stealthy ambush tactics to pull unsuspecting Pokemon under the water. They possess great lung capacity, but do not have gills and must surface for air.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Thermeon (Ice/Fire)

An Ice/Fire type Eeveelution occurs almost exclusively from human involvement, and can be triggered when an Eevee lives closely with a trainer in a frigid, snowy region, where they are frequently exposed to the duality of the harsh outside cold and a hot indoor fire. These Eevee grow thick, fluffy fur that allow them to cool off their body temperature when indoors and also insulate themselves in the cold. They are also capable of channeling heat through their lower legs, keeping them warm during blizzards and able to spend an endless amount of time in frigid weather. These Eeveelutions also possess small flame pouches in their cheeks, which keep their faces warm and generate the flames used in their fire attacks. In a pinch (and when indoors), they are able to extinguish their internal flames in order to perfectly blend in with the snow around them.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Plasmeon (Fire/Electric)

If an Eevee lives in an area that receives a lot of heat lightning, or is otherwise exposed to both electric and fire stimulus, it’s possible it will evolve into an Fire/Electric evolution. These Pokemon develop a special organ that, due to its special partition, is capable of generating both heat and electricity. Their coats are somewhat iridescent, and can be recognized from Flareon at a distance by the way their luminous fur gleams. These Eeveelutions tend to be smug and overly confident, and any trainer hoping to catch or raise one must prove their ability in an impressive battle.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Floeon (Water/Ice)

If an Eevee lives in an arctic region and is able to tolerate the frigid temperatures of the water, it’s possible that it will evolve into a Water/Ice Type. The change into this dual-type evolution is also possible if an Eevee that lives along the water’s edge during the winter time, while the water begins to freeze over. These Eeveelutions are capable of tolerating extremely cold temperatures, and while they do not possess gills like their cousin Vaporeon, they can hold their breath for several hours during a dive. Their fins are extremely sensitive, able to detect minute movement in the water and read the atmosphere on land, accurately predicting when storms will hit. Though this rare Pokemon has a friendly temperament, they can be a considerable threat both on land and in the water.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Unseeleon (Dark/Fairy)

Once in a while, young Eevee are “adopted” by a community of other Pokemon, and form a close familial bond with them. If an Eevee is taken in by a nocturnal Pokemon and has an affectionate bond with it, this relationship, along with the effect of the moon’s aura, will cause it to evolve into a Dark/Fairy type. This Eeveelution posses two sets of arm-like feelers on their back, which they can extend to incapacitate their target. Their second pair of eyes are actually just markings used to intimidate prey. When they hunt from the shadows, their eyes and markings glow, striking fear in unsuspecting Pokemon and allowing this Eeveelution to attack swiftly with their feelers. Though these rare Pokemon are wildly feared as myths from scary stories, they are extremely dedicated and affectionate to trainers who have raised them from an Eevee, and can be bred if a trainer has an exceptionally close bond with their Eevee and trains them consistently at night.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Kindleon (Grass/Fire)

If an Eevee lives in a forest area that often experiences wildfires, the frequent heat exposure mixed with the local plant life can cause the Pokemon to evolve into a Grass/Fire type. This Eeveelution’s fur is fertile, and produces a mane of leaves that they can set ablaze as a defense mechanism. The ash this produces is full of nutrients, and they will regrow the leaves very quickly. Though these Pokemon are sometimes known to accidentally cause wildfires, a lush forest always grows back in its place. Pokemon trainers can attempt to evolve their Eevee into this evolution by exposing them to spore-releasing plants and many warm fires.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Lureon (Water/Dark)

While Eevee who live by streams and rivers have a high likelihood of evolving into Vaporeon, Eevee who live near the ocean have a chance of evolving into a different Pokemon. As sea-loving Eevee age, they may begin to venture into deeper waters for longer periods of time, where the lack of sunlight and oceanic pressure will change their genetic structure into a Water/Dark type. These Eevee are excellent swimmers, and will develop bioluminescent spots that they use to attract prey in the ocean abyss. Their most effective lure is a glowing orb at the end of their dorsal ray – similar to Lanturn – which can mesmerizer even the most stubborn prey. Their bioluminescent pattern is only visible at great depths.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Tundreon (Grass/Ice)

Some Eevee naturally live by or are drawn to the cold temperatures of snowy mountains, where the frigid environment causes them to evolve into Glaceon. If these Eevee have previously been exposed to a certain type of moss, the spores of the moss will still be lodged in their fur, and they will grow into a Grass/Ice Eeveelution. Alternatively, an Eevee who lives around the moss and experiences frequent frosts may also evolve into the Grass/Ice typing. These Eeveelutions utilize an extreme control over their body temperature to allow their leaves to grow; which are extremely resilient to the cold and are always covered by a layer of frost. Very laid back in nature, these Eeveelutions get most of their energy through photosynthesis.

Dual-Type Eeveelutions – Soluneon (Dark/Psychic)

If such an Eevee is present during an eclipse, the energy it absorbs may trigger a change in the Eevee, causing them to be crepuscular – active during twilight, where they will hunt with both the sun and the moon. These Eevee will evolve into the Dark/Psychic Soluneon, which are able to flash the ring-like splotches on their bodies in order to mesmerize their prey from the shadows. Then, once their prey is stunned, they pounce!

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