Easter Special : 20 Anime Bunny Girls That Make You Yearn


Hey guys since it’s Easter time I thought that I would make an Easter themed blog, and the first thing that came to mind for Easter was bunnies. Then I thought how do anime and bunnies relate?….. Anime bunny girls!!!

So here is a list of my top favorite anime bunny girls. Hope you enjoy.

20) Misty (Pokemon) – Although I loved Misty growing up and still do now, she doesn’t pull off the bunny look as well as the other girls here, but she is still worth including.

Easter Special : 20 Anime Bunny Girls That Make You Yearn
Easter Special : 20 Anime Bunny Girls That Make You Yearn

19) Rikka & Sanae (Love, Chunibyo, and Other Deluisons) – I love these two and I love this show. I could totally see this happening, but not for real, because it would actually be in their imaginations because of their chunibyo.

18) Usa Sensei (Absolute Duo) – This is the only one on the list I actually haven’t seen the anime for it. But I saw Usa earlier and immediately knew that she needed to be included in this list. I might have to go watch this soon just because this character already seems like a lot of fun.

17) Taiga & Minori (Toradora) – This look doesn’t fit the personalities of these two that well, but hey, they still pulled it off.

16) Rea (Sankarea) – Is this actually in the anime as a special or something or a manga special maybe? Idk but either way you can’t hate on a bunny of the dead.

15) Mirai (Kyoukai no Kanata) – Mirai acts like this cute, innocent girl, but I think she is secretly trying to seduce everyone. Works on me at least and this proves it.

14) Cocoa, Chino, Sharo, Chiya, & Rize (Is the Order a Rabbit) – This anime is actually partially about bunnies so how I could I not include it. Although Rize (far right) is the only girl shown in a bunny suit in the anime, why not include all of them?

13) Tsuruko (Anohana) – Although normally the last girl I notice from Anohana, she pulls off the bunny look quite well.

12) Kuroyukihime, Chiyuri, & Fuuko (Accel World) – I do love the Accel World girls and they pull off the bunny look quite nicely.

11) Tsukiko (Henneko) – Tsukiko can often be found as a neko girl instead of a bunny girl, so it is nice to see a bunny version here as well.

10) Bulma (Dragonball Z) – The original anime bunny girl in my mind, I grew up seeing Bulma dress as a bunny girl and never really questioned it. I just thought it was normal for some reason.

9) Black Rabbit (Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?) – This girl is actually part bunny. Even though I wasn’t big on the anime, I loved the character, and I think she definitely deserves a spot on this list.

8) Akatsuki (Log Horizon) – Who has seen Log Horizon and doesn’t love Akatsuki? She looks good as a bunny, but don’t comment on it or she might knee you in the face before asking Shiroe if she is allowed to.

7) Kurisu & Suzuha (Steins; Gate) – I love Steins; Gate, especially the characters. If only Rintarou could see this he would probably start screaming about things like “Kurisutina!”.

6) Haruhi & Mikuru (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) – I love this show and Haruhi is one of the most memorable characters out there. One of her things she likes to do is make Mikuru dress up and she ends up dressing up like this herself.

5) Lucy (Fairy Tail) – Fairy Tail is one of my favorite series, even with all of its flaws. Fairy Tail is widely known for its fanservice and Mashima doesn’t hold back when putting his characters into sexy outfits.

4) Kallen & C.C. (Code Geass) – Code Geass was a series that I did not expect so much fanservice in. Kallen was the victim of this so often and was forced to wear this bunny suit in the anime. I don’t think C.C. ever did but she is here.


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