Escanor Power Level Seven Deadly Sins


Hello guys, this is Spade-Kun and today we’ll discuss just how strong Escanor really is. Since this is a discussion, I must warn you about the spoilers ahead. So, without further ado, let start Escanor Power Level Seven Deadly Sins.

Escanor is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and is named as  Lion’s Sin of Pride. He is known for gaining immense power at day, gradually becoming weaker as the sun sets, leaving him totally powerless and helpless at night. His Sacred Treasure is Divine Axe Rhitta and his inherent power is named sunshine.

So, with such a great drawback, how strong is Escanor?

Escanor’s true power as of now is yet to be revealed, but he has always been hailed as the strongest member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Instances of his powers as of now:

As the sun shines, Escanor’s powers grow by 5 every second and so does his pride: giving him more strength than Meliodas. Although this increase in power is not maintained at 5 per second. As time increases, the rate of increase of his power increases too. With his fight against Galan, Escanor first sliced his body into two with just one hand. He escaped with hilariously just one scratch against Galan’s CRITICAL OVER: A Combat class of 40,000. Escanor as of now is shown to be a Combat Class of over 50000, with his power rising by 5 every second. He holds enough power to cut mountains without even beating a sweat. He was able to defeat Estaross with his power and take down both Gloxinia and Dolor with his Sacred Treasure release, creating the sun during the night.

His unrivaled power and heat emitted by his body took down two of The Ten Commandments- The first Fairy King Gloxinia and First Giant King Dolor He has defeated 4 Commandments alone. That’s how crazy strong he is.

Escanor can easily surpass and defeat Meliodas’s assault mode at noon.


Escanor’s primary power is sunshine: He is the weakest Holy Knight at night. But as dawn arrives, his powers keep on increasing till it reaches its peak at noon. At that time, he can easily surpass any given Seven Deadly Sin or any Holy Knight. The cycle is marked by a distinct difference in his abilities, personality, and appearance.

At daytime, during the dawn, his power keeps on rising and his size increases gradually towards the day. His muscles too increase as time increases. At noon, he becomes a colossus man.

At noon, when his power is at it’s highest, he becomes the manifestation of power itself and his body dwarfs normal people. In this form, he is said to be invincible.

At night time, he is even weaker than an average man with his power level measured at 15.

The damages dealt by Escanor can be felt from miles away.

Power Level

Due to his ability, Escanor’s power is always fluctuating and cannot be measured properly. Although at a certain time in the night, his power level becomes as low as 15. At a certain time in the noon, his highest power is recorded to be 114000.

At high noon his power reaches its peak and he becomes “The One,” described as an “invincible incarnation of power” by Merlin, for a minute. In this form, he surpasses Meliodas’s Assault Mode, indicated to have a power level of 142,000.  The aftermath of becoming “The One” is that his body gets into a lot of strain, incapacitating him to the point of nearly dying.

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