Girl Draws Herself In Famous Cartoon and Anime Styles, And The Result Is Unbelievably Spot On

If you aren’t stepping out of your artistic comfort zone, you probably aren’t improving. A year ago, 24-year-old Sam Skinner decided to take her drawing skills to the next level. Sam challenged herself to draw her self-portrait in 50 popular cartoon styles. Recently, she finally finished the project and the results speak for themselves.

“I decided to do the challenge because I’ve seen so many people do it online and was absolutely inspired by them,” Sam told Sotaku. “Doing this project was simply to help me become more familiar with doing graphic/digital design. That being said, a few of the characters in the style challenge are definitely more original than others, mostly because this was simply a project for me to practice digital line work, so a few came out looking like a basic re-colorization of a character which already exists.” Another reason she went for the challenge was Sam’s desire to develop her own cartoon design style for a potential web comic.

Sam claimed that the hardest part was picking out the characters to include in the series. “I ended up having a list of close to 100 characters I wanted to do, but narrowed it down to 50 by drawing the choices randomly out of a hat.”

Once that was out of the way, the toughest images to pull off were Tim Burton’s, Gorilazz’ and Archer’s. “I am satisfied with how it turned out!” Sam added. “This is one of the first things I’ve done that I’ve been proud enough about to show off to my people. Since this whole project took around a year for me to complete, with a brief hiatus for school, I definitely would say my skills got better the more I worked on it.”

Sam Skinner

Sailor Moon

Studio Ghibli


South Park




Rick and Morty


Powerpuff Girls

Invader Zim


Teen Titans

Teen Titans Go

Adventure Time

Dexters Laboratory

Gravity Falls

Fairly Odd Parents


American Dad

Scooby Doo


Bobs Burgers



Hey Arnold


Family Guy

Monster High

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