Guy Nails Inosuke Cosplay, Attracts Even More People After Taking Off The Mask

When it comes to costume play, there are two types of challenges: one with a very complicated & intricate design and one that doesn’t really wear anything because it means you need to have similar physical features to execute the look. Inosuke Hasibira from ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ has the trademark of having a well-ripped body and a boar mask.

Needless to say, it’s a real challenge to nail this look because you need the confidence to be topless and look ripped. Instagram user jiunianshinian, however, did his cosplay so perfectly, does there exist a better one?

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Inosuke Hashibira’s key features are his muscles and his boar mask.

To cosplay this character well, the cosplayer has to be in a good body shape.

And Jiunianshinian, a fitness enthusiast, nailed it.

Apart from attending comic con, he also does photo shoot recreating iconic scenes.

Complete with the big boar mask, pants, and a pair of his trademark saw-swords, the Inosuke cosplayer struck some pose with fellow cosplayers from the same anime such as Muzan and the Kocho sisters as well as Kanao Tsuyori.

He also does photoshoots that are iconic from the anime, including the one where he was beating up Zenitsu, who was protecting Nezuko in the box.


But anyone who’s watched knows that another prominent quality of this wild man is how his face is way too pretty for the muscular body! Of course, we also want to know the face under the mask of this cosplayer with a well-built figure.

Another special thing about Inosuke is his girly pretty face, despite a body full of muscles.

Under the mask, cosplayer Jiunianshinian‘s appearance is not bad as well.

He has been sharing several photoshoots of his cosplays on Instagram where he has more than 20k followers. He is also a model from China who frequently shares his workout routine.

But still, this is the best Inosuke cosplay of all time:


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  1. “..girly pretty face” What the pork are you talking about? Are you saying that he looks gay or you’re just trying to convenience your straight male followers to find him attractive? I’m confused. Why didn’t you choose “boyish face”?

  2. Because that’s how the manga/anime describes him, and how he appears on-page/screen. Are you unfamiliar with the source material?

  3. M. obviously has no idea about the source. Read the manga or watch the anime before you comment! Sheesh.

  4. Excuse me we are talking about japan here. _. Japanese knows how to make people find interest in their characters even if their attributes arr unique, its just good the way they did it yknow..

  5. Because it isn’t a boyish face. He doesn’t look like a “pretty boy,” he looks like a cute girl. They’re not the same kind of face, either IRL or drawn.

    Seems obvious, no?

  6. …because the author writes this about Inosuke, whose face is very girlish. They even say something about it in anime, that he would look like a girl if not his body

  7. And here I was expecting to see a girly face when he removed his boar mask.
    Could’ve completed the no-mask cosplay