Here’s the Origins of Devil Fruits that Will be Revealed in One Piece!

After information about Akainu was revealed by Gohdroger, now is the time for Admiral Kizaru who is rumored to be facing Roronoa Zoro. However, there is still no further information about the fight between the two that was provided by Gohdroger.

The focus is shifted to the origin of the devil fruit which, according to Gohdroger, is related to the birth of the 4 Gods. Once upon a time, before the civilization of the ancient kingdom, the environment or place where one lived could be said to be far harsher than the world of One Piece today.

Then the people, who could be said to be their saviors, were none other than the residents of the moon who initially apologized to the residents in the blue sea. The reason was seeing the deprived living conditions, ranging from lack of warmth to lack of food and water. All things like famine and drought became a common thing, causing a high mortality rate.

Upon seeing this event, the people of the moon decided to give them the seeds of plants that they uniquely found in Fairy Vearth. Later the seeds grew into the giant trees we know or also known as Adam and Eve tree.

From year to year, people from the blue sea began to give thanks under the tree, because they felt that life was slowly getting better even though the hardness of life did not just disappear.

But one day, a special fruit appeared, then followed by the second, third, and finally the fourth fruit and it could be said that those fruits were like wishes born from the wishes of strong people who continuously prayed there.

Later, there will be a little flashback about the origin of the emergence of the Haki that everyone has. However, we will focus on the four fruits this time. The first fruit gives the power to create, while the second fruit has the ability to nurture, then the third has the ability to survive and the last gives the ability to live.

All users of these four fruits that appeared later became known as the God of Earth, God of Forest, God of Rain, and God of Sun. Unfortunately, it is human nature to never have enough and always want more.

When life slowly gets better, instead of being more grateful, people want more and more. That’s why from there, it’s no longer hope that exists but greed that grows.

We could say that this era was The Great Fall. At the same time is the beginning of the emergence of fruits that give strange abilities depending on the desires of the people there.

In that era also a devil fruit with specific powers began to be born and one of them is the ability to destroy or what we know as the Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit.

The devil fruit now owned by Blackbeard has had a dark past since long ago. It was created as if it was prepared for the villain in the future. Even though actually it wasn’t only bad things that appeared in the era of falling hopes, because there are still some people who want peace, the proof is that there are many protective fruits such as the Okuchi no Makami devil fruit.

The point is that since that era, the war has started and we can conclude four things, namely the Guardian Devil Fruit Owners managed to win over the devil. Meanwhile, the first four devil fruits managed to defeat the highest devil. Along with that, the existence of the Yami Yami no Mi was hidden.

Actually, it’s not just one devil fruit that’s hidden. However, there is much more that has yet to be explained after the end of this war. The turning point of glory was about to repeat itself after not long from that moment the ancient empire was born. Under the leadership of a prince named Dyras who ate the Nika Nika no Mi or the “Sun God”.

Confused by the analogy of a god or devil mentioned earlier, there are several comparisons that will give an idea, such as the current owner God of the Sun’s power, Luffy, who ate the Nika Nika no Mi devil fruit. Then, God of The Rain is owned by Monkey D Dragon, while God of Forest has yet to be introduced.

Anyway, according to Gohdroger, the person who ate the God of Forest devil fruit at this time is a woman while the person who ate the God of Earth fruit is still yet to be revealed. However, according to Gohdroger, the mysterious person is related to Shanks who is from the Figarland family.

On the other hand, devils in the present era can be seen as represented by Blackbeard eating the Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit. One additional piece of information towards the end of One Piece’s story later is that Im sama will ally with Blackbeard. The former is known to have the ability to rule the seas, even people who have the God of Earth fruit are known to be on Im Sama’s side.

Not to mention the wider control that Im Sama will have after capturing Enel and deploying Uranus. So roughly, control over the sea, sky, and land will be easy.

However, for those who are still curious about Im Sama’s face, we still have to wait a lot longer. The problem is that, according to Gohdroger, the first appearance of Im Sama will be when the Straw Hats manage to touch Lodestar Island.

Another shocking spoiler comes from Shanks who is said to be dying in Laughttale, it’s just that the cause and who is the mastermind behind Shanks’ killing has not been revealed by Gohdroger.

So we have to move on to another brief spoiler that came from Law and Luffy. There will be a sad moment for both of them. It’s just that that moment will appear towards the end of the One Piece manga, around the last 10 to 5 chapters.

There will be a little upgrade for Sunny Go later because Franky really admires Dr. Vegapunk for his genius. That’s why Franky had time to show what’s in his best masterpiece at the moment. However, the technology in Sunny Go is still considered infant technology, when compared to the technology of the ancient kingdom era.

That’s why Vegapunk will only be shown laughing when he sees that the strongest weapon on the Sunny Go ship can be fired thanks to cola energy. Saddened by the reaction, Dr. Vegapunk ultimately helps to repair the Thousand Sunny Go in a massive way.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Chopper is finally able to awaken his devil fruit power properly, because of this, he is able to awaken thanks to medicine. However, Chopper will be able to enter awakening mode like a Zoan devil fruit user at the end.

The same thing also happens to Usopp, who can thoroughly master the Observation Haki. Even though maybe Usopp is still not aware of this ability at this time.

On the other hand, before the end of One Piece, Luffy will be shown to experience swimming for the first time, although he will still drown too. But at least Luffy can feel what he’s never been able to do before.

Gohdroger continued to share a little explanation about how the Voice of All Things works in One Piece. Actually, this power is still one of the unanswered mysteries. Moreover, not everyone is known to have the ability to be able to hear and talk to objects at the same time.

But according to what Gohdroger wrote, it most likely has something to do with the so-called the Voice of All Things and the bloodline itself, because the ancient robots that Luffy saw also share the same bloodline as people from ancient kingdoms. That’s why it’s still running even though it’s been 700 years.

The problem is explained that if someone is connected or guided by one another based on a lineage, that’s why sometimes it seems as if we are shown a moment where someone appears at the right moment. Everything seems to feel like mere plot armor that doesn’t make sense.

However, referring to what Gohdroger explained, we can assume that Dragon suddenly appeared in the city of Loguetown, we all might feel that moment as plot armor, even though Luffy was also going to be executed by Buggy there at the same time.

However, Oda Sensei has a concept that is quite unique, where a person can feel called to go somewhere because they have a relationship that indirectly makes several people connected to each other.

That’s why sometimes some moments feel so coincidental that they can happen, even though in fact they are the only ones who are not aware that it is the Voice of All Thing that is calling them indirectly.

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