Classic horror-action anime, Devilman, returns with a new anime this autumn

Hideo Kojima’s “P.T.” Demo Will No Longer Be Available After April 29

One of the scariest examples of horror video games will be unavailable on April 29, with Hideo Kojima’s excellent P.T. downloadable demo being removed from the PlayStation Store at the end of the month. It’s sad news to be sure, especially given the fact that it was such a promising release.

Following the potential news that Silent Hills, what P.T. was teasing in the first place, isn’t going to happen, this makes for a very frustrating announcement for horror fans. It’s every bit worth your time and attention even if you’re more into survival horror or more Western-styled horror, so make sure you download it and hang onto it for the time being if you haven’t taken the trip just yet.


What was your favorite part of P.T.?

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