How much are Facebook fanpages worth?

How much are Facebook fanpages worth?

Trying to figure out how much is your fanpage worth? This is often a difficult and touchy subject for many page admins. We live in a strange world, where young teens who created a “lol j/k page” a few years back think they’re sitting on a gold mine, just because their pages amounted a hefty number of fans. We hate being the bearer of bad news,  but we have to tell you that you will not get rich by selling your fanpage. All those countless five digit offers in your inbox are simply scammers trying to grab your attention. You will never, ever see any money from those people.

“Hi admins, I am Johnas from marketing group we can offer you 2k for 100k fans”

“Hi, i see your page is inactive my company can offer you 15,000 USD”

“Hello, we are group sociolizing in media marketing, our company can offer you 5k for every 100k users. Payment up front via Paypal. Add me so we can finalize.”

Do these quotes sound familiar? Virtually every fanpage inbox has 100’s of them. Reality check, 99.9% of these people are con artists trying to lure you in just so you reply. They can be easily spotted by looking at their accounts (no friend activity, sketchy photos), and most of the time they cannot speak English very well (as seen by their initial message).  All that being said we can’t deny that fanpages used to be expensive, sometimes very expensive. Back in the day a 500k active fanpage could have netted you around 2-5K USD, but this is no longer the case. Facebook is getting greedy, and they’re slowly turning their fanpage system into an AdWords type platform, where you actually have to pay so the fans can see your posts. On December 1st 2013 Facebook restricted fan reach by 44%, which means fanpages lost their value nearly tenfold.

The very same 500K fanpage used in our example above is now worth around 250 to 500 USD. The bottom line will greatly be affected by a few conditions buyers look for such as:

Fan geographic location.

Mainly marketers look for US / UK / CA/ AU based fans, as they are worth the most.

Fanpage niche/category.

If your fanpage is a general community page based on some popular quote or a joke don’t expect much for it.

Fanpage activity (post reach).

When you post something and it reaches a lot of people, that generally means more money.

Fanpage activity 2 (link reach).

When you post a link and it reaches a lot of people, that generally means more money. Link reach is actually one of the most important factors when pricing out a fanpage.

As you can see many factors affect the price, so there is no price chart you can use to determine the value of your fanpage. Now on a brighter side, there are still some fanpages left that are worth a lot more (even tens of thousands of dollars). Usually, high ticket fanpages are in the following categories:

  • Fitness
  • Product Reviews
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

One of the most important factors to remember as buyers and sellers is that you don’t truly own these fanpages. Facebook holds all the cards, and they don’t like when people buy/sell fanpages. They frequently delete pages for a multiple of reasons, and because of this inherited risk no one is willing to shell out huge sums of money. So the next question is where on web can you sell a Facebook fanpage fast and safely?

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