How Nico Robin changed towards Nami


How Nico Robin changed towards Nami

D: My entire family is a huuuuge fan of One Piece, and we all follow it faithfully. Now, my question is this: in Volume 48, Chapter 460, Robin called Nami “Nami-chan”. But before she had always called her “Navigator”!! Has Robin had a change of heart?! Please tell me. By the way, my mom’s morning hair looks JUST like Brook’s!! P.N. Bear in the Forest
How Nico Robin changed towards Nami

O: Your mom looks like Brook… THAT’S AMAZING!! Gotta love the funk. Now, about Robin. I’ve noticed that a lot of readers picked up on this, which makes me very happy. In Chapter 475 of this volume, Robin says “Are you all right, Nami?!” It appears she’ll be calling her “Nami” from now on. She also started referring to the other members by name. Perhaps this is a consequence of Robin truly opening her heart to her friends and crewmates after the events of Enies Lobby. Despite the huge size of this story, I still hope to depict the little, human things, like this.


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