‘Hypnosis Microphone’ is the Most Popular Voice Actor Account in Twitter Japan


The official Twitter Japan account posted on Tuesday the official Twitter account of the Hypnosis Microphone franchise is the most popular voice actor account. Although the follower count is that as many as the other leading franchises, it lately was the most engaged account for Japanese Twitter users. The franchise’s live shows have been a massive hit in Japan!

Here is the list of the Top 10 Voice Accounts on Japan Twitter:

Hypnosis Mic (@hypnosismic)
Shouta Aoi (@shouta0811aoi)
Junichi Suwabe (@MY_MURMUR)
Aika Kobayashi (@Aikyan_)
Natsuki Hanae (@hanae0626)
Takuya Eguchi (@egutakuya)
Kanako Takatsuki (@Kanako_tktk)
Daiki Yamashita (@DaiKing_boy)
Nobunaga Shimazaki (@nobunaga_s)
Wataru Hatano (@hatano_official)

Hypnosis Microphone is a group of fictional rapper boys in which the 12 characters are voiced by real people. Multiple manga adaptations are made for the franchise as well as an upcoming mobile game. 


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