Japan is Bringing ULTRAMAN Back as an Anime Movie; Here’s a Poster and Teaser Video

Here in America, we’ve been force-fed reboots of pop culture properties for the last several years. Well, it looks like Japan is deciding to take a try at rebooting an old property. The property they chose is a fun one too, Ultraman!

Ultraman was a hero that fights giant kaiju to defend the world. The new film will be an anime and appears to focus on Ultraman’s son. The creators have said that while his father became a colossal giant to fight the monsters threatening the earth, the new hero, Shinjiro Hayata, will stay human-sized.

Casting for the new Ultraman movie will be announced later this year. This sounds like it could be really awesome. Especially for those that want to introduce this old hero to their kids or grandkids. Here’s an awesome poster for the film that points to it possibly being quite grittier than the original series.

There’s also an announcement teaser video that you can watch below.

Source: CBM

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