Japanese Woman Recreates Food From Miyazaki Films And Other Anime

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the food from animated movies would taste like? Well, this lady from Japan has and she took matters into her own hands.

Instagram user En93kitchen creates meals from animated Studio Ghibli Films such as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” or “My Neighbor Totoro” and they look delicious!

Vote for the best looking food below and let us know what meals you’d like to taste!

#1 Breakfast From Howl’s Moving Castle

#2 Cake From Kiki’s Delivery Service

#3 Ham Noodles From Ponyo

#4 Lunch Box From My Neighbor Totoro

#5 Tea Party In The House Of Spirited Away

#6 Sandwich From Ponyo

#7 Lunch Box From Up On Poppy Hill

#8 Soup From Wolf Children

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