Jump Festa Teases The Return Of Dragon Ball Super Anime In 2019!

Hey guys! How’s it going on? I am pretty sure you all are pretty much hyped up about the fact that Jump Festa is just around the corner and it might bring a lot of unexpected news along with it. Dragon Ball Super anime, the TV series which had everyone glued to their screens ended back in March, 2018 and till now we still have no official update on it’s revival or season 2. Well, even without official announcements, we have some rumors to follow on.

No one really expected the anime to end so abruptly and everyone’s just waiting for it to return. We might finally get some good news in Jump Festa which is going to start in just a few days. Jump Festa which runs for 2 days is one of the biggest events in Japan and there’s something called as Main Stage Events where the biggest ongoing anime panels are showcased. Take a look down below for the anime which would be on the biggest panels.

The Jump Festa is going to start on December 22, 2018, an entire week after the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. They have already promoted the movie so much with the trailers, reveals and what not. So, I highly doubt that they are going to promote the movie after an entire week of it’s release there. The movie has already earned around 11 million USD till now so I am pretty sure they have the panel for some entirely different reason.

Everyone on Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and Facebook are talking about how they all are looking forward to the announcements at Jump Festa. The hype is increasing day by day but what will happen? Do you think the scenario we are hoping for possible? Will we see a new Dragon Ball Super anime announced later this week? They have already started with an amazing arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga, so I think why not!?

If you follow Dragon Ball on twitter, I am pretty sure that you must have seen Geekdom’s tweets about the whole thing recently. He was invited to attend the LA premiere and ever since he’s been teasing us about the things he know. In his recent Youtube live stream with MsDBZbabe, he said he knows a lot of things that would be announced this week but he obviously can’t reveal it. MsDBZbabe said she’s hoping for the anime series to return.

The current rumors floating around the hyped up Jump Festa convention is that potentially a new Dragon Ball anime could be revealed during the convention with a potential premiere in Spring or Summer of next year. Well, we get a lot of rumors and they can be fake sometimes but in the case of Dragon Ball Super, nearly every rumor has turned out to be true. Also, many people are saying how they cannot reveal some info just seems so suspicious.

If we just look at it logically, getting a new Dragon Ball Super anime out in the industry should be the number one thing in their to do list. I mean, they just can’t leave us hanging like this after leaving so many questions unanswered and after literally starting a brand new arc in the manga which is supervised by Akira Toriyama himself. Also, I think they have earned A LOT of profits lately even after Dragon Ball Super ended. It’s really crazy.

A new anime for the franchise would make a good deal of sense. Also, as now Akira Toriyama is supervising the manga once again, Toei Animation just have to follow the manga for anime material along with some light supervision from Toriyama. If they bring out the anime by like Spring or Summer of 2019, they would have enough content to make around 10-20 episodes which would obviously last around 4 months which is a lot.

In the manga as well, it was clearly written that the story about Frieza, Broly and others is something which would be told another time. They are maybe saving Broly for a future arc and then just add the whole movie arc in it as a flashback or something which can go for a good 10-15 episodes I guess. It won’t be filler and we will get to know some extra things from the 3 hour script Akira Toriyama wrote at first. This seems the most logical thing to do.

Also this new arc which features a brand new original villain is also looking great. He’s been imprisoned for millions of years and this guy seems like he is an actual demon with all those vibes he’s giving out. I have a full summary of the upcoming chapter featuring this villain on my page & site as well if you want to check that out. Well, that’s it for now. I really want to know what do you guys think so let me know your thoughts down below!

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