Kickass Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

Kickass Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

Today We will Know some awesome fact of Escanor who is also known as Lion’s Sin of Pride. He becomes strongest during daytime and weaker during the night. So, Let’s start Escanor facts seven deadly sins…

1. In legends

Kickass Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

In The Legends of Arthurian it is said, “Escanor le Grand”, who has been raised by a giant and a witch together and is said to be a very large man, and “Escanor le Beau”, who is the nephew of the first Escanor, who was a very handsome young man who was eventually retired to a life of hermitage. Escanor le Grand is just like the first is said to grow stronger until noon and when his strength began to diminish which eventually resulted in defeat by Sir Gawain, with whom he shared both this power and birth date.

2. Daylight

Due to Change in his personality during Daytime, he dislikes going out during Day.

3. Symbol Size

Kickass Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

In proportion to his size of the body, He has the largest symbol of the sins, which is located on his back.

4. Age

Among all Sins members, he is the Youngest One.

5. According to Databook

Kickass Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

  • His special skill and hobbies are unknown.
  • He has a daily routine of Napping and writing Poetry.
  • His favorite food during daytime is meat and at night he eats vegetables.
  • His Shyness is his charm point.
  • He respects Merlin and Meliodas the most.
  • Being super weak at night is his weak point.
  • He was born in the Castellio Kingdom
  • His dream is to open a store with Merlin.
  • He regrets being born.
  • He wants to control his powers now.
  • And He is embarrassed what he looks like at noon time.
  • Cats and Lions are his favorite animals.
  • His power level cannot be measured.
  • He likes the scent of Wildberry.

6. Power levels

Kickass Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

As he has the highest power level during the day, He has the lowest power level during the night. He has not the lowest power level of all of the Holy Knights in Britannia but has lower than anyone else’s which has the recorded value of only 15.

7. Symbol of Sin of Pride

Sin Of Pride is Symbolised with A Horse and having the Colour Violet.

8. Attacks

Kickass Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

  • Divine Axe Rhitta is a giant ornamental Axe which is named after a maiden who is said to be loved by Sun is also Escanor sacred Treasure. It is incredibly heavy and most of the Axe weight is concentrated in the head, which makes it very off-balanced weapon, yet During the day Escanor is able to wield it with one hand.
  • Large Spear Was possessed by Escanor Ten years (before he joined Seven Deadly sins) was framed for Zaratras’ murder. It is not as heavy as compared to his Sacred Treasure.
  • He Has a Magic Glasses which he got from Merlin helps him to suppress his From during the Daytime but is the glasses are removed he will transform eventually at that time.

9. Abilities

First of Escanor ability is Sunshine Which makes him one the weakest member among the holy knight at night but starting from dawn his power level begins to rise steadily from one hour to the next until it peaks at noon. When he is at his peak he easily surpasses other members of the sins easily. This continuous cycle is marked with some distinct differences in his abilities, personality, and appearance during day and night. starting with

  • DAYTIME – Beginning with the rise of the sun He starts to have a dramatic change, both physically and mentally. He starts to grow much taller and muscular, with his clothes being ripped off from the body. His physical strength and endurance grow rapidly and his immense magic power starts to radiates from his body with an intense heat which can reduce everything around him to ashes. He can control his heat from hurting his friends. He can power up simply with his will by producing intense light and heat which is capable of melting even stone.
  • THE ONE – At noon, when his power reaches its peak just for one minute he himself becomes the manifestation of power and his body dwarfs normal people. In this form, he becomes invincible.
  • NIGHT TIME – With the Sunset Escanor returns to his normal state and becomes very weak than anyone with the power level of only 15.

Second Ability of him is Super Slash in which he delivers a downward slash with an Axe with so much power that can give a considerable damage and can felt from many meters away.

Third Ability is Divine Sword Escanor which he gets when he becomes The One at noon by delivering downward swiping motion with his hand that can cut an opponent.

10. Occupation / Rank / Symbol

Kickass Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

He is one of the members of Seven Deadly Sins And A former Holy Knight And Bar Master too. He is Ranked as Diamond(Former). His symbol of Beast is Lion.

Bonus Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins

  • Race – human
  • Age – 40
  • Birthday – July 1
  • Height – 165-325cm (5’5″-10’8″)
  • Weight – 49-355kg (108-785 Ibs)
  • Blood Type – AB

Thank you for reading Escanor Facts Seven Deadly Sins. I hope you like it, if so then share it with your friends. And if I have missed any facts about him then please comment below…

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