Kizuna Ai Uploads to “Magical Girl Site” Cast

Virtual YouTuber gets first voice acting role in magical girl horror pastiche

Kizuna Ai Uploads to “Magical Girl Site” Cast

She’s got a vlog channel, a gaming channel, merchandise, and new figures coming out. So what’s next for virtual idol Kizuna Ai? A voice acting career, obviously!

At last week’s Magic festa., a Magical Girl Site performance and talk show event, it was announced that Ai-chan will be appearing in the show, marking her first-ever foray into the world of anime voice acting. She will be taking the role of Hachi, the Noh-masked administrator of one of the sites from which magical girls receive their powers.

Kizuna Ai Uploads to “Magical Girl Site” Cast

(Okay, technically speaking, Ai’s voice actress will be taking the role — but as we have literally no idea who that is, and since Ai made the announcement in character, we’re just going to go along with her.)

The event also featured a talk with the lead cast, and the debut of songs and music videos from the show.

Magical Girl Site will premiere worldwide on Amazon Prime on April 6.


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