The latest Dragon Ball movie Resurrection of ‘F’ has finished its limited run in the US by earning a historic $8 million box office gross.

The really remarkable thing to all this is how limited a run the movie had. It was released in 903 theaters and only shown from August 4th to the 12th.

In that time it made it to ninth place on the anime box office all time top ten and earned more than Howl’s Moving Castle ($4.7 million) and The Wind Rises ($5.2 million) both of which had far more mainstream releases over a longer period of time.

While there has been a bit of criticism about how silly this new Dragon Ball movie can be at times, those people are sort of missing the point as Akira Toriyama has a rather goofy sense of humor. Something that has endeared millions of fans to his Dragon Ballmanga and anime works over the years

So in that sense Resurrection of ‘F’ is if anything a return to form for the series and backed up by a decent movie budget to match, something the new combat sequences do definitely benefit from as well.

If only Dragon Ball Super had the same kind of attention this movie had, as recent episodes have left many Japanese fans in shock over the poor animation.

Despite Dragon Ball’s immense popularity it seems that Toei Animation have a ways to go before they can sort out their consistency in terms of animation quality.

While this movie has done very well, we can now only wait for the inevitable BluRay release and perhaps even another cinematic run for those that missed out this time around.