Luffy and Franky highlight new Tokyo One Piece Tower attractions

The Tokyo One Piece Tower official website has announced two more attractions which will be placed high up in one of Tokyo’s most iconic landmarks, the Tokyo Tower. They also previewed the other attractions which are all inspired by the wacky Straw Hat Pirates crew.


The Luffy’s Endless Adventure will be a walk-through attraction which allows fans to have a walk down Luffy’s memories


Meanwhile, Franky’s Hentai Ball Coaster is a gigantic pinball machine inspired by General Franky himself, and yes, that’s really what its called. Winners of this pinball game get a free Franky figure.


The attractions will also feature several games and exhibits, which include:

Usopp’s Mezase Sogeking


Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Exploration


Nami’s Casino


Soul Edge of Zoro


Poneglyph Searching with Nico Robin (tentative name)


Brook Horror House

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The Tokyo One Piece Tower is the first One Piece theme park in Japan and it will open on March 13, 2015. Advanced tickets are now available in Seven Eleven convenience stores all over Japan.


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