Luffy vs Kaido’s Disaster Queen incoming!


As we see in the latest chapter, the Big Mom Pirates and the Queen Mama Chanter are perfectly fine.

Out at sea, the Big Mom Pirates discuss what might have happened to Big Mom, who is currently riding to Udon with Chopper, Tama, Momonosuke, and Kiku.

Perospero notes that Big Mom’s Vivre Card indicates that she is still alive, and the crew speculates that Kaido and his crew may have taken her captive. Perospero seems excited at the possibility of Big Mom being killed as he’s the eldest child of the Charlotte Family.
But Daifuku disputes that the succession of the throne is decided on the basis of their worth and not their family order, so Katakuri should be their new leader. Could this be foreshadowing Katakuri as the next Captain of the Big Mom Pirates?

Meanwhile, Nami, Robin, Brook, Shinobu, and Kanjuro have escaped to the Northern Cemetery, and Robin shares the intel she discovered while Brook reveals that there is a Poneglyph in the basement of Orochi Castle. Robin notes that Kaido’s Road Poneglyph must be on Onigashima.

In the Flower Capital, Usopp, Sanji, Franky, and Law read the news about Komurasaki’s death, and Law also sees that Kid has escaped from prison.

In the Prisoner Mines, Luffy hears about Kid’s escape while Hyo is attacked by the guards for eating Luffy’s kibi dango. Before Hyo is killed, Luffy attacks the Gifter holding him right as Queen the Plague, one of the three Calamities of Kaido, arrives at the mines.

Now will we see Luffy vs Queen? Maybe Queen is here to torture Luffy. Maybe Luffy is going to fight Queen with the cuffs on to become even stronger.


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