Made in Abyss Anime Season 2 Officially Announced, Fans Have Mixed Feelings About The Sequel

Made in Abyss Anime Season 2 Officially Announced, Fans Have Mixed Feelings About The Sequel

Made in Abyss Anime Season 2 Officially Announced, Fans Have Mixed Feelings About The Sequel
Made in Abyss Anime Season 2 Officially Announced, Fans Have Mixed Feelings About The Sequel

Made In Abyss Season 2 is now official. Many fans are shocked at the news but have had varying reactions to a second season.

According to a subreddit named r/Anime, MIA Season 2 was officially announced at an event in Tokyo. A video teaser of Made In Abyss Season 2 was released along with the announcement.

News of a second season surprised everyone, even the voice actors who worked on the anime. The OP of the post, the_nobu, stated that the voice actors of Reg, Riko, and Nanachi attended the event and were so surprised to hear about MIA Season 2, they actually cried. The actors were allegedly unaware that a second season of Made In Abyss would be announced during the event. Either way, it appears Mariya Ise, Miyu Tomita, and Isawa Shiori were glad to hear the news.

Fans of the anime have had different reactions towards the news. Majority of the concern is if Kinema Citrus, the studio producing MIA, has enough material to create a second season.

Some fans of the manga believe there is more than enough material to cover in the anime version and that the anime is lacking when compared to the manga.

“I just finished it. And only about a month after it finished. Now comes the agonizing wait for Season 2. On the bright side though, the author’s written just about enough material for a second season already, so we won’t have to wait for the manga to catch up,” commented halloweensky on Crunchyroll. The comment was written before Season 2 of the anime was announced.

“Needs an S2 because the manga has a ton more storyline then where the anime is at,” wrote Typhoon-NL on the same Crunchyroll comment thread.

However, other fans of the anime and manga argue that there is not enough material in the manga to complete the second season. Other MIA fans have suggested Tsukushi Akihito, the author of the manga, work in tandem with Kinema Citrus on the anime’s storyline if the studio decides to stray from the manga’s plot.

“Surprising, considering the real lack of source material (so far there is only one non-adapted arc completed) they have here it’s going to be interesting what they do to make up for it. Sadly [the studio] may stretch it, lowering the quality of the anime in the process but maybe [the studio can] get the author to help out on the anime…” commented OpenDown on the Reddit post about MIA Season 2.

It appears, however, that most MIA fans do not support the idea of the studio straying from the manga’s plot. Fans of the show would rather wait a year or even two for the story to be complete and well-written than have a Season 2 release before its time.

“I’d honestly be fine with an announcement of like ‘S2 in 2019’ or something,” replied temp_sales to OpenDown. Many people agreed with temp_sales.

According to comments on MyAnimeList’s official page for the anime, many otakus loved Made In Abyss because it was surprisingly deep. MIA’s art is a bit misleading to some. Most people who base Made In Abyss through its art are quite surprised by its dark storyline. Based on the comment about the anime’s plot, many fans would prefer if it kept the same tone for the second season.

“My first impression was the picture of Riko, Regu, and Nanachi, I thought: An anime about children, with some strange plot, fan service and maybe a big bunny. I was not expecting anything from this anime… It has a good narrative with an impressive artistic design, combined with the most beautiful soundtrack of the year and an acceptable character development,” commented Pipe on MIA’s official My Anime List page.

“…At first glance, it might look like a kids’ show of sorts, but you really couldn’t be much further from the truth. This is a pretty dark anime past a certain point, but even before that it’s still fantastic,” agreed HaXXspetten in the same comment thread.

Other than the news that there will be Made In Abyss Season 2, no further details about the anime were released. Stay tuned to learn when the second season will premiere.

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