“Magical Girl Ore” Is Your Spring Dose of All The WTF Anime Weirdness


Magical Girl Ore is a Japanese manga series by Icchokusen. A 12-episode TV series adaptation is premiered on April 2, 2018. It’s just plain weird.

High school student Saki is able to transform into “Magical Girl Ore” to fight the cute-faced demons who threaten to kidnap her crush. Unfortunately, her magical girl form is that of a buff boy in a small, cute, girlish uniform, causing endless embarrassment. The situation becomes even more complicated when her crush, Mohiro becomes attracted to Saki’s male form.

Her mascot/mentor is a yakuza.

Also tentacles.

They actually made a joke about her letting herself be penetrated in the butt so that she could snu snu it


There’s really no point at which you’ll know what to expect.

Her best friend turns out to be in love with her and also becomes a magical cross-dressing guy to save her life.
Thus, their manager, who is a magical girl geek, then decides to turn them into an idol unit.
cosplay promotion

welp, she decided to man up and confessed her love


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