Masamune kun No Revenge Trailer Season 2 2018 April Confirmed

Hello Everyone if Your Asking How I Got This Then Well I Love This Anime So Much I Found Way To Get A Close Look At Season 2


Masamune-Kun no Revenge Season 2/OAD Spoilers

The opening scenes of Masamune-Kun no Revenge Season 2 should have the characters arriving in Paris. It’s the city of romance and Masamune will be advancing his “Dead or Love Operation” since the school festival plan was a bust. But this new plan quickly goes sideways when Masamune literally runs into an eyepatch-wearing French girl named Muriel Besson who wants to learn to draw manga.

The problem is that her manga is a bit confusing to a Japanese audience, both historically and linguistically (one of her character’s names translates to “fish balls”). To fix her manga, Muriel needs authentic Japanese to serve as examples for a romantic comedy. What’s more, the French mangaka believes Masamune personifies the ideal male Japanese high school student and she demands that he become her manga model.

Masamune kun No Revenge Trailer (Season 2??) 2018 April Confirmed
Masamune kun No Revenge Trailer (Season 2??) 2018 April Confirmed

Worse, it’s a demand that Masamune can’t refuse because Muriel’s older brother is linked to the Yakuza. The plot turns into a game of manga Inception since Masamune and Aki are forced to act out a romantic comedy so Muriel can understand how to write the perfect Japanese romantic comedy. Thus, Masamune finds himself stuck between Princess Cruelty and Mademoiselle Otaku.

Masamune is stumped by acting out a Japanese romance only to find out that Aki remembers the events of eight years ago completely differently. She confesses to him, confiding that she began overeating because she loved the young, chubby Masamune of her memories.

“That kid just wanted to be rescued from his bullying,” she told a very confused Masamune.



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