‘My Hero Academia’ Officially Announces New, Female-Centric Spin-off Series


Today is beyond Plus Ultra, as My Hero Academia has officially announced another new spin-off series, this one focusing on the ladies of Class 1A.

‘My Hero Academia’ Officially Announces New, Female-Centric Spin-off Series

At the end of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, it was revealed that a new spin-off series was coming. The upcoming manga will be titled Watashi No Hero Academia, which translates to My Heroine Academia.

You can check out a photo of the announcement below, along with a translation of what’s going on.

According to the translator, it sounds as though the spin-off will be centered around on the girls of Class 1A, who have all had substantial roles in the main ongoing series. What isn’t clear at this point is whether the book will just be a one-shot, or if it will continue as a separate ongoing, releasing alongside the original MHA.


My Heroine Academia has been the subject of fan-faction for quite some time, and it looks as though the dreams of these readers are finally coming to fruition.

The idea of MHA spin-offs is fairly popular right now, as fans are diving headfirst into My Hero Academia Vigilantes, which is currently 31 chapters in. This series follows a group of new characters who weren’t featured in the main continuity, as they fight crime outside the lines of the law.

Are you excited to see what My Heroine Academia has in store? Which characters do you think the series will spend the most time with? Let me know in the comments 


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