Naruto Shippuden August 2016 Schedule – The End is Near


Warning: Naruto Shippuden anime spoilers ahead

The end is near! Masashi Kishimoto’s great Naruto manga came to a conclusion back in November 2014. It seems like the Naruto Shippuden anime is finally ninja dashing it’s way to the same finale. Between August and the first week of September, Team 7 will take down the evil known as Kaguya Otsutsuki. In the second week of August, we move to the next and last phase of the Naruto manga – the epic fight between NARUTO vs SASUKE! These will all be canon episodes, covering at least 684 to 692, with a bit of filler mixed in here and there.

  • August 04, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 470 – Connecting Thoughts
  • August 11, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 471 – The Two of Them, Always
  • August 18, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 472 – You Will Surely…
  • August 25, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 473 – Sharingan, Once More
  • September 01, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 474 – Congratulations!
  • September 08, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 – Valley of the End

Note: The dates above are all actual, but the titles are translations and may change once they are officially released by Viz Media.


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