How Net Neutrality Affects Anime Fans


We here at Recommend Me Anime we, quite frankly, don’t care about much. We are advocates for using legal anime sites to watch your shows (via paying for them) because it benefits the industry as a whole. However, even if you use non-paid streaming sites or other means to get your anime, it’s not like we’ll hate you for it. Your internet, your choice, right? Well maybe not for much longer. There is something we do care about, though, and you should care about it too – Net Neutrality. At this point, you have likely been bombarded with various advertisements lobbying for it to the point that you are almost sick of seeing them. We know that you can’t even go a full scroll on Reddit right now without seeing one, and we are okay with that. Why? Because if net neutrality fully dies, the internet as a whole is probably pretty fucked.

What is Net Neutrality?

If you don’t already know, net neutrality is a term that states that your internet service provider (ISP) has to treat every site on the internet as equal. This means that your ISP can’t dramatically slow down how this site loads and make Honey’s Anime load much, much faster so that people will prioritize going there instead. Think of if internet providers had a best girl. What if they thought Aqua from KonoSuba was best girl. Certainly some people like her, but others believe Megumin is best girl, or even Darkness. Without net neutrality, your ISP would potentially have the ability to completely block all pictures, cute and lewd, of any girl that is not Aqua. It would be a dark time to have a waifu not accepted by society.

How Net Neutrality Affects Anime Fans
How Net Neutrality Affects Anime Fans

Jokes aside, net neutrality protects ISP’s from censoring, discriminating, or otherwise charging more for certain users to access certain types of content because, as it should be, the internet is a haven of free speech and equal access providing you’re not doing anything illegal.


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