New Boruto Opening & Ending Announced


New 'Boruto' Opening Just Dropped Some Big Anime Spoilers

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about to enter its new arc, which is the Momoshiki arc. The anime will start airing the arc from next week, with the Boruto Episode 52. For the sole purpose of entering the new arc, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has announced brand new opening and ending theme songs.

The opening theme song will be performed by the band called Qyoto and it is titled “It’s all in the game”. The ending theme song will be performed by Coala Mode. (コアラモード.) and is titled “Kachou Fūgetsu” (Beauties of Nature). Both the new opening and ending songs will debut in the anime on 4th April 2018.

New 'Boruto' Opening Just Dropped Some Big Anime Spoilers

Qyoto are a band from Kyoto, formed in 2016, consisting of 5 members, Nakazono Yuuki (Vocals), HIROKI (Violin), Tsuchiya Misato (Guitar) & KENSUKE (Drums). Their most notable work is singing the opening song “Taiyou mo Hitorribocchi” for the anime “Dive!!”. The same song marked their debut as a band.

New 'Boruto' Opening Just Dropped Some Big Anime Spoilers

Coala Mode. (コアラモード.) are J-pop duo, formed in 2013. Annyu is the Vocalist & Guitarist of the duo whereas Obata Yasuhiro is the Keyboard, Guitar & Bass player. Their most notable work is singing the 2nd opening “Nanairo Symphony” (Seven Colored Symphony) of the anime Your Lie in April.

The anime is certainly doing its best to get more and more fans hyped for the Momoshiki arc. Many fans believe that this arc will reignite the interest of the fans, who considered Boruto boring, just because Naruto ended.

If you are interested about the synopsis of the next Boruto episode then I got you covered. Here is the summary for the next episode—
The episode is titled “Sasuke’s Shadow”. After Team 7 enters an abandoned mine while chasing the train robbers, they are attacked by a strange looking White Zetsu. As we know that Zetsu is a biological weapon which was created by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki in order to fight against Kinshiki and Momoshiki. The abandoned mine is actually a historic place which once belonged to the legendary Ōtsutsuki Clan.

Do you think that Momoshiki arc will be enough to attract the fans? Let me know in the comments below.


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