New Information about the Dragons of One Piece Revealed!

New Information on the Dragons of One Piece from One Piece Magazine Volume 5.

Translated by u/EtenBoby:

Wano Country and “dragon(竜)”

The opponent that the three swords style swordsman Zoro defeated in Thriller Bark, Ryuma, legend says that he had cut down a dragon(竜) with his sword. Now that Zoro obtained Shusui from Ryuma, a new possibility appear, that there might be a new legend of dragon-slaying. In Punk Harzard, Zoro has already killed a dragon(竜).
Now, Zoro and the Straw Hats are in Ryuma’s homeland, Wano, to take down one of the four Emperors, Kaido. Kaido is a dragon(龍), so perhaps the legend of dragon-slaying will happen again.

Dragon(竜) and dragon(龍): Similar yet different

As mentioned earlier, Ryuma became a Legend by killing a “dragon(竜)”, however right now Wano Country is guarded by Wise King Kaido, a dragon(龍). 23 years had passed and people’s view of dragon(竜) greatly changes, from enemy to guardian, it’s not just a change of kanji, but perhaps the society as well. In current Wano, the idea of opening the border and the Kozuki clan that want to do so are all considered evil. So perhaps it’s a political movement to hide the past by switching to “龍”.

Celestial “Dragons” and dragon(竜)

According to Brownbeard, the Celestial Dragons adore the dragon in Punk Harzard to the point of naming it. They also use the “hoof of the flying dragon” as their mark.
After consuming the artificial devil fruit made by Vegapunk, Momonosuke turns into a dragon. At the entry of Punk Harzard, there’re two large horns that reminds people of Kaido. IF the artificial devil fruit was made based on Kaido’s body, then it’s natural for them to use him as a symbol.
Why are the Celestial Dragons so keen on making dragon-like creatures and devil fruits? Or is it like “it won’t not do if it’s not a dragon”?
If we compared Momonosuke’s dragon(竜) form to the dragon(龍) form of Kaido, it’s as if they’re father and son.

“Dragon” of The Revolutionary Army

How ironic that the leader of Revolutionary Army who wants to take down the Celestial “Dragons” is named “Dragon”(doragon) himself. It would be surprising IF the name was given by Garp, the Vice Admiral of the Navy that works for the World Government, and IF it’s given after he joined the Navy, Did he give him that name so people will think of the heads of the World Government? Is it really a coincidence that someone named Dragon(doragon) aims to take down the Celestial Dragons(竜)?

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