New My Hero Academia Film Set for a Winter 2019 Release


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AnimeJapan2019, one of the largest anime events in Japan, has just ended, and among the many exciting news announced in the three-day event is an all-new My Hero Academia movie! This good news was announced during the My Hero Academia stage event “2019 PLUS ULTRA STAGE” last March 23. Even better news is that fans don’t have to wait long, as the franchise’s second film is set to be released during the winter season of this year! How amazing is that?

Check out the 15-second announcement PV for the film, which was also shown during the PLUS ULTRA STAGE event.

Most of the original staff for the TV anime and the first film are back for the second film, such as director Kenji Nagasaki and screenplay writer Yosuke Kuroda. The manga’s author, Kohei Horikoshi, is also on board as the general supervisor and original character designer for the second movie.

Author Horikoshi has also released an all-new colored illustration to commemorate the announcement of the new film. It was displayed at the TOHO animation’s booth during AnimeJapan2019.

It seems that My Hero Academia is on a roll, as it was just last year when the franchise’s first feature film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was released. The film earned an impressive 1.72 billion yen in Japan and was released internationally as well.


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