New Ninja War Teased In Latest Episode Of Boruto

Naruto: Next Generations – Boruto & Mitsuki Manga Previews

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just teased a familiar theme that was very prevalent in Naruto: Shippuden; war. All of the villages have been experiencing a peaceful time ever since Naruto and his friends saved the world from Madara Uchiha and Kaguya. That’s why it was quite the surprise to Boruto when he heard a Mist Ninja’s intentions to declare war on the Hidden Leaf Village.

On the 28th episode, we saw Shizuma Hoshigaki of the Hidden Mist Village declare his intentions to kill Boruto and start another war. He’s not alone, as he also has a newly formed version of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen that characters like Zabuza and Kisame used to be a part of. They even have the weapons of these swordsmen and are hoping to recruit Kagura into their ranks.

The village’s Mizukage currently has a friendly relationship with Hokage Naruto. It seems like the Mizukage isn’t as peaceful as the host of the Nine-Tailed Beast, ordering the death of anyone who opposes his rule. Shizuma is hoping to declare war by killing Boruto so that the Hidden Leaf Village will declare war on the Hidden Mist Village, though he ends up sparing his life after Kagura ends up joining them with that condition.

War has changed the lives of various characters in the series’ history. Pain lost his friend and hope for the world during one of the Great Ninja Wars, which lead to him joining the Akatsuki. Itachi Uchiha actually killed his clan to maintain peace, in turn making Sasuke a vengeance-filled avenger.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations can currently be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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