Ni no Kuni (Movie)

Ni no Kuni anime film announced


Ni no Kuni (Movie)

Warner Bros. Japan and Level-5 have announced a Ni no Kuni anime film animated by OLM, Inc. and due out this summer in Japan.

Here are the details:

■ Staff

  • Overall Direction / Original Draft and Screenplay: Akihiro Hino (Yo-kai Watch, etc.)
  • Director: Yoshiyuki Momose (Only Yesterday, etc.)
  • Music: Joe Hisaishi (Spirited Away, etc.)
  • Lead Role: Kento Yamazaki (Death Note live-action TV series, etc.)
  • Original Work: Level-5
  • Animation Studio: OLM, Inc.
  • Production: Ni no Kuni Movie Production Committee
  • Distribution: Warner Bros. Movies

■ Story

Ni no Kuni (Movie)Ni no Kuni—“another world” completely different from, yet parallel to the real world. Following an incident involving their childhood friend Kotona, high school student Yuu and his best friend Haru will travel back and forth between the two worlds… And as the lives of each world’s Kotona are simultaneously endangered, what will be the “ultimate choice” surrounding the three friends and Ni no Kuni?

■ Characters

Yuu (voiced by Kento Yamazaki)


Ni no Kuni (Movie)A wheelchair-bound and brilliant young man at the top of his high school class. He has always had hidden feelings for Kotona, who is going out with their childhood friend Haru. Haru is also Yuu’s best friend.


Ni no Kuni (Movie)Yuu’s best friend. The popular ace member of the high school basketball club. Also Kotona’s boyfriend.


Ni no Kuni (Movie)Yuu and Haru’s childhood friend. An innocent and lovable high school girl. Also Haru’s girlfriend.

■ Artwork

Ni no Kuni (Movie)
Ni no Kuni (Movie)
Ni no Kuni (Movie)

Ni no Kuni (Movie)Ni no Kuni (Movie)

Ni no Kuni (Movie)

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