One Piece: 5 names that will be Zoro's biggest obstacle Picture 1

One Piece: 5 names that will be Zoro’s biggest obstacle

After seeing the abilities and battles with King in the past chapters of One Piece, countless fans have speculated that perhaps the first crew member of the Straw Hats is about to reach his dream of becoming a great swordsman. his greatest.

However, with the new power added by Oda and One Piece showing no sign of ending, Zoro will surely still have to confront the most powerful enemies in One Piece to be able to fulfill his dream. mine. And these will be 5 enemies that Megame thinks will make Zoro clam up when confronted directly.

The next possessor of the Kira Kira no Mi . Devil Fruit

One Piece: 5 names that will be Zoro's biggest obstacle Picture 1

An episode that has been plugged in by Oda before about this is when Zoro confronts Mr.1, Daz Bonez exclaims and asks, “So what’s the next thing you plan to cut? Diamonds?”. With Oda always exploiting every detail thoroughly, this detail is remarkable.

We already know a member of the Whitebeard Pirates who possesses a Devil Fruit that can turn his body into diamonds, Jozu. So in the future there will be a battle between the Straw Hats and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates for certain reasons? Or has Jozu been defeated and will there be an enemy of the Straw Hats possessing this Devil Fruit? Anyway, this will be an extremely thrilling battle between the hardest One Piece and the “king of hell” Zoro.


One Piece: 5 names that will be Zoro's biggest obstacle Picture 2

As Zoro’s current counterpart in the pirate world, the battle between these two swordsmen was destined to take place after the great battle at Marine Ford.

Not only is a good swordsman with a bloodthirsty nature, Shiryu is also the owner of the Suke Suke no Mi fruit that gives him the ability to invisibility. This makes the former chief of Impel Down even more dangerous than usual. Although he has gained new powers after the Wano arc, this battle will also be quite difficult when Zoro cannot see his opponent. This can only be remedied by having the former pirate hunter raise his Observation Haki.


One Piece: 5 names that will be Zoro's biggest obstacle Picture 3

Right now, Fujitora is probably one of the strongest characters in the navy. Despite being blind, this does not seem to affect him, even making the admiral stronger in battle.

Not only famous for his magical swordsmanship and Observational Haki with advanced armed Haki, Admiral Purple Tiger is also the owner of the Zushi Zushi no Mi Devil Fruit that allows him to control the gravity around him. If the admiral wanted to, he could crush his opponents in a split second. This match was predicted by Oda at the Dressrosa arc. And in order to be able to officially claim the title of the best swordsman in One Piece, Fujitora is one of the milestones Zoro must overcome.

2.Sword-wielding characters in Five Elders

One Piece: 5 names that will be Zoro's biggest obstacle Picture 4

Is the only character in the Five Elders to wield a weapon, especially a sword. Many theories suggest that this will be one of the best swordsmen the navy has.

Although there is not too much information about this character, we can be sure that to get a position in the Five Elders, this character must also be in the blood of One Piece. Plus it seems that his sword is also one of the legendary ones, so if this character doesn’t know how to fight, then why keep this sword. So in the final steps to get the one piece treasure, the Straw Hats will definitely have to confront these 5 characters, and this will certainly be the counterweight that Oda has for Zoro.

1.Dracule Mihawk

One Piece: 5 names that will be Zoro's biggest obstacle Picture 5

This is perhaps the only character in One Piece that Zoro both admires and intends to defeat. Since the only way to be able to fulfill his dream of becoming the greatest swordsman, defeating Mihawk is the only way.

Mihawk’s title of “best swordsman in the world” comes not only from his skilled sword skills but also from his incredible physical strength. From the beginning of the journey until now, perhaps Mihawk is one of the few characters that has not been injured. With the fact that he was once an opponent of Yonko Shanks, we can understand how powerful Mihawk is. The battle of Zoro and his master is definitely taking place in the final episodes of One Piece.

Although it is not clear which of the 5 characters on Zoro will face first, one thing can be believed that the battle of the “king of hell” with any opponent is a battle of dragons and tigers. . What other characters do you think will be a huge obstacle for Zoro?

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