One Piece 906 Confirmed Release Date – Raw Scans

One Piece 906 Confirmed Release Date – Raw Scans

Hey everyone! One Piece Chapter 906 is just a couple of days away, and in this post, I’m going to be discussing everything that we know about the upcoming chapter with you guys and confirmed release date for One Piece 906 Raw Scans. Before we begin, I want to let you all know that there are some spoilers that we know about the chapter already. While some of it may be speculation, there are some spoilers in here as well. If you don’t like being spoiled, I suggest you stop reading the post. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, let’s begin without any further delays. First, let’s discuss what we know about the chapter already. According to the editor’s comments for One Piece 906, we are getting Wano Country in the next chapter.

One Piece 906 Confirmed Release Date

One Piece 906 Confirmed Release Date – Raw Scans

Now, these editors comments aren’t always accurate. However, they are sometimes. The editor’s text clearly says that we’ll get to see Wano Country in the next chapter, and someone will be waiting for Luffy and the rest there. If you ask me, that clearly means that the Strawhat Pirates will finally be reunited. We haven’t seen the others in a long time. We’ll see how credible these editors are this week. That’s not all I think will happen. I think the Wano Country part may be just a page or two at most. We’re definitely going to see the Reverie begin in the next chapter of One Piece, in my opinion. In the last chapter, we saw everyone climbing up the Red Line to go to Mariejois.

One Piece 906 Confirmed Release Date – Raw Scans

I think they’ll be there by now already. All that needs to be done is to begin the Reverie. I think that the events of Reverie will begin as soon as One Piece 906. We’ll probably begin with the discussion about the Poneglyphs, and the Fishman Island’s relocation. Later on, Fujitora will probably intervene and begin discussing the Shichibukai and their dissolution. We will also see Greenbull in this arc of One Piece. The Revolutionary Army will also play an important part in the Reverie arc, but I think that’ll only happen after 6-7 chapters. For now, this is what I believe will happen in One Piece 906. Do you agree with my opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

When Is One Piece Manga Chapter 906 coming out?

One Piece manga chapter 906 is coming on Monday, 4th June 2018, that’s the official release date, but as usual, more spoilers will be out on 31st May, and One Piece 906 Raw & Scans will be out on 1st June.

Where to read or download One Piece 906 Raw / Scans?

You cannot download One Piece 906 anywhere as of now, but you can read it online on Viz for free.

Cover page: 10:00 Orlumbus is checking the ship for cleanliness with Columbus. (There’s a Columbus too..)

The royalty are given things to ride on –Traberetors that move the ground. Stelly thinks they’re under attack tho, and demands to be protected. Fukaboshi offers to take Shirahoshi to see the forest while the king goes on with the others. Though the truth is Fukaboshi has a weird feeling about the Traboreators –he doesn’t know it but he’s spot on as they’re operated by human slaves underground.

Saint Charloss, the Tenryubito Luffy K.O’d back on Sabaody, is looking at Shirahoshi through binoculars and has fallen for her. Some of the other royalty start hitting on Shirahoshi but she’s like “You guys aren’t my type.” Her brothers explain to her that she should lie and say “Thanks” or “Maybe we can dine some other time” or whatever, but she confesses she’s bad at lying.

Meanwhile Vivi and Rebecca have met as well as the tonatta and are trading stories about Luffy when Shirahoshi over hears and joins in. Sai’s there and it sounds like he’s going to sever ties with his country, when Leo asks why a pirate would be here.

Wapol and his queen, Kinderella, are there and when he tries to start stuff with Vivi, Dalton puts an end to that as he and Kureha have arrived. Kureha sticks to her sthitck of totally ignoring people and instead trying to explain the secret of her youth.

Aw, Rebecca asks if Dalton likes Luffy and he blushes and sorta turns aside to say it quietly that he does.

Meanwhile to Impel down: Level 6. Doffy is implying to Magellan that he’s here to protect him because assassins from above have arrived. Mariejois has a secret treasure apparently and he knows about it which makes him dangerous to them so they’ll have him killed so he doesn’t talk. Doffy implies that it’s cool even if people find out since their political influence is going to rot away soon anyway. Meanwhile on Mariejoise, a figure in black walks up some stairs with Luffy’s wanted poster, to a frozen room where a huge straw hat sits.


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