One Piece 913 Delayed, New Release Date! Zoro’s New Sword?

One Piece 913 Spoiler「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第913

In the last chapter of One Piece, we saw Luffy finding out why Tama was waiting for Ace. We also saw Luffy and Zoro meet up in the chapter, but then Hawkins appeared, looking ready to take care of them. But, I don’t think he can do anything in this situation.He is not powerful enough to take on luffy and zoro at the same time. What I think is happening here is that Hawkins is trying to take down Kaido as well. So in my opinion, he’ll join Luffy’s alliance to take Kaido down.

One Piece Chapter 913 Release Date
One piece manga is taking a break in the next week. The official release date of One Piece Chapter 913 is 3 August 2018; however, the scans will release three days earlier.

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