One Piece 917 Spoiler「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第917 – Raw – Summary


One Piece 916 Spoiler Summaries

We can see a farm where Kaido’s subordinates collect food. One of that subordinates is a woman, the user or Horse Smile (her desing is amazing), this woman is Speed and is a Headliner.

  • Okiku mentions that Holdem is one of the Disaster Jack’s 5 personal Headliners and beating him up will surely bring Jack’s wrath down upon Luffy before Luffy remembers that they have already dealt with someone called Jack back on Zou with Zunisha, so he tells her it’s okay.

  • Hawkins and Law met each other but Law has a straw helmet in the face and Hawkins can’t recognize him.

  • The food from the farm arrive. Luffy saves Otama at full speed, Holdem can’t see him. Zoro sends the food with Okiku and the Komainu to Otsuru shop.

  • Lion’s head from Holdem spit a fire ball. Luffy stops it and defeats Holdem easily (with the Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.)

(Taken from Orojackson).

Full summary :

Chapter Cover story: Bellamy is sitting and trying to draw a skull jolley roger under a light bulb surronded by paint buckets with a trashcan next to him filled with torned pieces of paper.

  • First page shows a place with small houses made of woods for poor people and a mother carrying her crying baby, the place looks contaminated

  • then we see a beautiful farm that has varitey types of food, looks like Kaido’s.

  • Centaur-women gifter appereantly, her hair colour is splitted to black and white, she looks hot from far away but when you look closely in the next panel she has a horseface-smiling look, However she has a decent looking chest.

  • Holdem’s lion is holding o-tama between his jaws, while Zoro Luffy and O-kiku and the dog are looking at him.

  • O-tama was crying for help after she saw Luffy and the others

  • There are buildings hanging in the air just like in the earlier chapters

  • O-kiku is talking to Luffy about jack, Luffy remembers Jack and Zunisha

  • Kaido’s subordinates carrying food to holdem, Luffy see’s the food and mouth-waters, but then he remembers O-tama

  • Hawkins just entered the town riding his animal and, there is a person standing in front of him holding a sword and covering his face with straw-thingy, It’s Law but Hawkins didn’t recognise him but he’s suspecting something.

  • One of Kaido’s subordinates captured O-kiku, Zoro And Luffy didn’t do anything, As if they were saying help yourself out.

  • Luffy and Zoro are looking at holdem, and suddenly the lion that holds O-tama got hurt, His teeths got smashed and blood is coming out, Luffy punched the lion in the mouth.

  • Luffy took the cart that Kaido’s subordinates were carrying and attached it to the dog, (The same dog that was carrying them in the earlier chapters). and took with him both O-tama and O-kiku.

  • Luffy was carrying O-tama after he rescued her, The lion spits fire on Luffy but he immediately dodged it and dropped O-tama at the same time.

  • Luffy punch Holdem with a massive Red Hawk, The drawing here is the exact same panel when Luffy punched Charlos in sabaody arc.

Chapter Ended.

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