One Piece 929 Spoilers

One Piece 929 Leaked Scan
One Piece 929 Leaked Scan

Translation from Sandman

The thief tells Zoro that he is glad that he doesn’t need to worry about food anymore probably because Zoro is strong.
Zoro tells him to shut up for a while. The thief keeps laughing and replied to Zoro it is harsh to tell him to shut up.
The thief calls Zoro a lady-killer and tells him that girls will not leave such a young master alone.

The thief says, “You’re so kind that you tell me to shut up since you are worried about the health of my throat.” lol
BTW, his appearace reminds me of Hyottoko mask.

For anyone who might be interested in raw texts, I can decipher;
Zoro: 少しは黙ってろ
Thief: あははは イヨッ、黙ってろなんてお厳しい!
Zoro: ……

Thief: よよッ、この色男。女の子が放っとかないよ若旦那

From Jump Festa 2019, thanks to Greg(@ochimusha108).

  • One panelfrom next chap! Zoro is back!!!
  • He’s with a new character!

Full spoilers and chapter will appear between 28-29th December and 3/4th January respectively, there’s no exact time yet


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