‘One Piece Chapter 902’: Luffy’s Biggest Failure And Jinbe’s Future.

‘One Piece Chapter 902’: Luffy’s Biggest Failure And Jinbe’s Future.
One Piece Chapter 901 Review

One Piece Chapter 901 dropped, and it created a lot of confusion. This is perhaps one of the most controversial chapters in recent times. Even after waiting for two weeks, the pain continues. When we thought we would see something remarkable in One Piece chapter 901, Oda splashed water in our plans.

So, let’s break down One Piece Chapter 901:


‘One Piece Chapter 902’: Luffy’s Biggest Failure And Jinbe’s Future.
One Piece Chapter 901-What will happen to Jinbe?

One Piece Chapter 901 has a lot of things to pay attention to. Surely, what happened at last with Jinbe, is uncalled for, and many fans are infuriated because of Jinbe being left behind. When it looked like we’re going to see a new member joining the Straw Hats, this happens. Many just could not swallow this whole mess.

Considering the situation, was it really the only remaining option??
A lot of people believe that Luffy isn’t being himself. From Luffy’s character in the series, him leaving a fellow member who helped them to get out of the mess is really bizarre.

Until this moment Luffy has always accepted others’ sacrifices, and even though he didn’t want them, he still accepted them. Jinbe is not like Luffy. Even though Jinbe wants to make Luffy the next Pirate King, still, he can’t leave his crewmates to die for him.

Jinbe’s Character And Luffy’s Development:

‘One Piece Chapter 902’: Luffy’s Biggest Failure And Jinbe’s Future.
Jinbe At Impel Down

Let’s go back to Impeldown where Jinbe made his debut, and from there, it was revealed from his character that Jinbe is a believer. He is a man who believes in miracles. Facing a full-fledged Yonko’s army, and with Big Mom arriving, he still says they’ll win, and they’ll all survive at the end. He believes that there is a chance of a miracle which will eventually save them.

Now, Luffy character has developed a lot. Luffy believes in Jinbe and being his Captain he respects Jinbe’s resolve. The Straw Hats are all about trust and believing in each others’ resolve. Perhaps that’s a big reason why Luffy allowed Jinbe to stay back and help the fish man pirates knowing that the odds are against him. Luffy says, “Even If you die, don’t die!!”

This means he firmly believes in Jinbe and the fact the no matter what happens Jinbe will be joining them at Wano.

Where Did They Fail In One Piece Chapter 901?

Now, this One Piece Chapter 901 is all about the failures of the Straw Hats. This chapter focuses a lot of things which were totally unnecessary, and they wouldn’t have ended up like this if they’d avoided those things.

Sanji will be burdened with the mess, the most.
Sanji will be burdened with the mess, the most.
  • Luffy coming to save a straw hat and then he’s leaving the island without a straw hat.
  • If this arc ends like this, the member who’ll be burdened the most with all of this mess will be Sanji. Remember, Sanji came to Big Mom just to save his friends and Jeff and his friends at Baratie. But now he’s escaping the island infuriating a Yonko, is the situation any better now??
  • For me, they’ve made this even worse than what it was, to begin with.
    How would Sanji feel when he will get to know about Pedro’s sacrifice, about Jinbe’s, Pekom’s, and the Fishman Pirates’ sacrifice?
  • There was a time when Luffy and his whole crew and others had a chance of escaping the island safely but, they stayed back to save the Vinsmokes.
    They failed to do this as well. The Vinsmokes are defeated, and they’re in real danger while Sanji and others are escaping.
  • All of these events are a total waste, and this could’ve been avoided if Sanji hadn’t agreed to visit Big Mom in the first place.

Luffy’s Next Move:

Zoro tells Luffy to get a grip.
Zoro tells Luffy to get a grip.
  • After this mess, Luffy has to become serious now. He must realize that things will not work in his favor, and he would end up losing someone every time if he messes things up like this. Pissing off a Yonko and thinking of defeating her like it would be nothing, is a grave mistake. After this, he will take Zoro’s words seriously which Zoro said back at Punk Hazard.
  • This whole arc was supposed to be a rescue arc but, after rescuing one member they’ve jeopardized the life of other, and a lot of other people who came to help them. This is no doubt Luffy’s biggest failure so far in the series.

Now, Why Oda Kept Jinbe Back at WCI??

Could Pedro still be alive?
Could Pedro still be alive?

I still believe Oda deliberately kept Jinbe back for a specific purpose. Moscato, whose life was taken by Big Mom is alive. After eating Sanji’s cake something might have happened which freed the captured souls. If this is true then Pedro must be alive too since, if a lifespan is taken from someone, it can bring him back alive too.

So, somehow Jinbe could save Pedro and gather reinforcements to help Luffy at Wano. We might also see Katakuri as a part of the reinforcements but, the chances are very much abysmal.

Jinbe believes in miracles and he thinks, they could win if a miracle happens. Now, Whole Cake Island is a lot similar to Impel Down arc.

Like rescuing ace in Impel Down while here, the objective was saving Sanji. Bon Kurei sacrificed himself back at Impel Down, and here, the role is played by Jinbei, and many other things.

If this is the case then, Jinbe will not be killed after all. Just like the main antagonist of Impel Down was defeated by an external agent(Blackbeard), someone from outside might come, and defeat Big Mom. Now, this could be marines or anybody else.

Let’s wait for One Piece Chapter 902 and only after then, we will know what will happen to them. With how things are going, I don’t see the end of WCI in One Piece Chapter 901, which we previously expected but we could see it in chapter 902.


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