One Piece: Chapter 910 "Onwards to the Wano Country"

One Piece: Chapter 910 “Onwards to the Wano Country”

One Piece: Chapter 910
One Piece: Chapter 910

One Piece: Chapter 910

Spoiler Chapter 910 translate by Bakadata.

Luffy and co are heading to Wano.
They are feeling nostalgic looking at the newspaper that features Vivi, Viola, Rebecca, and Wapol.
Nami gets mad that she can’t read the article since Sanji cut off the parts that covers beautiful women, and Chopper cut off the part where he can see Kureha.
Luffy says that they will meet up again once they finish travelling around the world.
As they talk, they are already getting close to Wano.
The weather is getting worse, and a massive wave nears them.
It looks like a scene similar to an Ukiyo-e art, and they are left confused.
And suddenly a huge octopus comes on their ship, and it screams like a Kabuki performer and following that sound, a herd of carps equal to the size of the Sunny are heading to their direction.
Sanji is shocked that freshwater fish appeared in front of them.
And suddenly the water has become transparent, and they realize that they are in a huge river now.
And after a while, they see a big waterfall.
As the water must come from somewhere, Nami assumes that above the waterfall, Wano must be located.
Luffy holds on the carp, and it drags them above the waterfall along with the Sunny.
Once they get above the waterfall, there is a whirlpool, and they get dragged in.

The Sunny and Luffy land in a random beach.
It seems like he got separated from the rest of the crew.
A boar that looks like a Komainu comes out of the forest and it bumps against the Sunny.
A huge baboon carrying a Katana comes chasing the boar.
After seeing animals carrying a Katana, Luffy is certain that he is in Wano.

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 910 Online?
Luffy is finally at Wano Country. It is really interesting that he gets separated from Sanji and the others, but I’m sure they’ll meet up really soon. What’s more interesting is the fact that he’s finally at Wano Country. The Kaido war is about to begin guys. The build-up is beginning! Also, for those who want to know, there is no break next week. One Piece Chapter 910 will be out officially on July 9, 2018. The unofficial translation of the chapter will be out tomorrow.

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