One Piece Chapter 922: Spoilers, Predictions & Release Date


The One Piece manga is getting more and more exciting with each passing chapter, and I think last week’s chapter was probably the best one we’ve had this year. It is right up there with Bad End Musical, and Pirate Luffy vs. Commander Katakuri in my opinion, which are two chapters that I absolutely loved. Kaido appeared in his Dragon form for the first time, and you guys probably know how long we’ve speculated on this.

One Piece Chapter 922: Spoilers, Predictions & Release Date

It turns out, we were right, Kaido is a dragon! From here on out, things will get only better. I expect One Piece Chapter 922 to be even better, and Oda has set his standards for the arc already. Well now be discussing the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 922 with guys. Of course, the major spoilers aren’t out yet, but there are few things that we know already. Without wasting any more time, let’s just get started.


One Piece 922 Spoilers: Kaido’s True Form

So let’s begin discussing the spoilers for One Piece 922. I think the most important thing that chapter 922 will give us will be a clarification on whether Kaido is actually a dragon, or if he ate a Mythical Zoan Dragon Devil Fruit. In my opinion, Kaido is definitely a dragon. I don’t think that he is a human who ate a Dragon fruit. I think it could be the other way around. Kaido could be a Dragon who ate the Oni Devil Fruit, or he could be a dragon without any Devil Fruit powers.

In Japanese mythology, Dragons have the power to shape shift, and they can actually become humans. So if Kaido is a Dragon, he could still become a human without any devil fruit powers. I think Shutenmaru and Jack will stop fighting immediately, because Jack cannot afford to make Kaido mad at all. Jack will definitely go to round up the straw hats, but I just don’t think that Jack is going to be able to do it.

One Piece Chapter 922: Jack’s Fate

In my opinion, Jack is bound to fail his mission, and either Zoro will beat him, or he will get to Luffy and end up getting defeated. I do not think any of the crew members will get captured by Jack, and at this point, it seems as if he will fall at the hands of a supernova, Shutenmaru, or Kaido himself. We haven’t seen Zoro in chapter 921 at all, and I think it is time that returns to the story.

Something leads me to believe that he will meet Shutenmaru. Zoro promised Luffy that he would round up the Samurai of Wano when the crew split up at Zou. So, for me, it is pretty clear that Zoro will end up meeting Shutenmaru. I think they will work together to take down Jack. Shutenmaru, in my opinion, is Ashura Doji, without a doubt. He believes that there are no men like Oden now, and definitely nobody to lead in the War of Wano.

This is something that he will change his opinion on, when he sees Zoro, and fights together with him. I think he realize that there are people even stronger than Zoro. Shutenmaru will join the force in Chapter 922 of One Piece.

One Piece 922 Raw And Scans Release Date

One piece 922 will be out in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 48. The official chapter will be out on October 29, 2018. Of course, One Piece 922 Raw scanlation will be out about 2 to 3 days prior to the official release. You can expect the official spoilers to come out on Thursday, later this week. Make sure you support the official release.


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