One Piece Episode 827 Leaks


Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about One Piece Episode 827. Before I begin, I want to warn everyone that this post contains a lot of spoilers from the upcoming episodes of the One Piece anime. If you don’t like being spoiled, this is the time to leave the post, and stop reading. However, if you don’t mind spoilers, or if you’re a manga reader, let’s continue. Last week, One Piece was on break, but the week before that we got to see Jimbe, Luffy and Sanji planning to trash the Tea Party of Yonko Big Mom. This is because Sanji wants to save his family, and Luffy is indebted to Reiju.

One Piece Episode 827 Leaks
One Piece Episode 827 Leaks

Jinbe proposed a plan for the Strawhats to join forces with Capone Gang Bege. He suggested that if Luffy allies with Bege, the chances of saving the Vinsmokes will be relatively higher.

It is also revealed that Bege is planning to assassinate the Yonko Big Mom. He has worked under her for these years just for this moment, and he wants her head. But, killing a Yonko won’t be easy. Bege has planned the assassination of Big Mom, so he has calculated most things. So if the Strawhats side with them, then their chances of saving Sanji’s family, and escaping are a lot higher. Luffy is now heading to the hideout of the Firetank Pirates, and he wants to meet Bege and talk to him. Luffy will also discuss the plan to take Big Mom down. I believe that the entirety of the episode will focus on this. We will also see some Big Mom Pirates join the wedding preparations. We have already seen Katakuri, and Daifuku, so I think it is time for Charlotte Oven to be introduced. We haven’t seen him in the anime yet, but his introduction is sure to light up the episode.

We will also see Caesar Clown in the episode once again, and that’s great. However, Caesar will be reintroduced in the episode as Gangster Gastino. He has also joined forces with Capone Gang Bege in order to take down Big Mom. Caesar is the one who has created the KX launcher, which has a poison that can kill her.

Capone Gang Bege will also reveal some information on Big Mom’s powers. It seems that she can’t take damage, and as it stands, Big Mom has never been hurt in her life. She has an impenetrable skin which ensures that she never gets hurt. Big Mom’s other moniker is also Iron Balloon. We’ll see the beginning of a new alliance tomorrow, and then we will proceed straight to the Wedding ceremony at Whole Cake Chateau.


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