One Piece Just Brought Back [SPOILER] And Fans Are Excited

One Piece Just Brought Back [SPOILER] And Fans Are Excited
One Piece Just Brought Back [SPOILER] And Fans Are Excited

Hey guys. One Piece fans got a lot of exciting news yesterday and with the release of the episode, it only became better. The anime has picked up their pace and has almost reached the part when the Tea Party finally begins. However, fans are extremely excited by the latest episode. The previous episode was very emotional and I was looking for more fun than emotion. Nonetheless, it was a great episode. Before we go any further, let me inform you that this post contains spoilers. So if you haven’t got any problem with spoilers, then continue reading ahead.

Now that we have got it out of the way, let’s begin. There is a lot of stuff to talk about from the latest episode of One Piece. But, the main highlight of the episode was the appearance of a fan favourite. I’m talking about Boss Jinbe. He is the captain of the Fishman Pirates. Jinbe is also a former Warlord, he gave up his position after the Marines decided to execute Ace and start a fight with one of the Yonkou, Whitebeard. As Whitebeard was responsible for the protection of the Fishman Island, Jinbe felt indebted towards him.

So, he couldn’t fight against the legendary figure. He was locked up in Impel Down, but he escaped along with the other prisoners when Luffy arrived. It was a significant moment in the series as a lot of things happened since then. Now coming back to the most recent episode, Jinbe arrived at the place were Luffy and Nami were being held. They were under the watchful eyes of Opera.

But, Jinbe arrived and used his Fishman Karate to knockout Opera. He then asked Luffy if he’d like to escape from the Prison Book. The episode ended at that very moment. This has hyped up all the fans as Jinbe is a really cool character and his appearance has stirred the fans. He is helping Luffy to escape from Big Mom’s clutches.

It seems weird of Jinbe to help out Luffy as this would mean that Jinbe is going against Big Mom. Perhaps the time has come for Jinbe to fulfil his promise of joining the Straw Hat Pirates? Who knows? We will have to wait to get the answers and I’m sure that the answers wouldn’t disappoint us.
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