One Piece Manga 902 Spoilers Reveal The Fate Of The Jinbe And The Strawhat Pirates


One Piece‘s Whole Cake Island arc is now close to its end, and it seems One Piece manga 902 will wrap up a lot of stuff that’s been left hanging in this arc. Whole Cake Island has been going on for about 2 years now and is officially the second longest story arc in One Piece after Dressrosa. This arc has received a mixed reaction from the fans.

One Piece Manga 902 Potential Spoilers

While some loved it, others didn’t like the arc so much. Last week, we got to see how Jinbe stayed behind to protect the Strawhat Pirates from the Big Mom Grand Fleet, and in doing so, he joined up with the rest of the Sun Pirates. Meanwhile, Luffy and the rest made their escape, but just like Jinbe said, it’ll still take them at least 2-3 hours to get out of Whole Cake Island. Big Mom herself is heading to where Luffy is because she wants to steal his soul.

One Piece Manga 902 Spoilers Reveal The Fate Of The Jinbe And The Strawhat Pirates

The next chapter of One Piece is going to be very interesting. While the full spoilers aren’t out yet, we have the editor’s comments on the upcoming chapter, and they seem to spoil more than quite a bit of Whole Cake Island. Here’s what the spoilers say:

“The world is watching! Go Sunny! A color cover for the last stop of the chaotic WCI arc!

In a Yonko’s sea, will Jinbe be able to escape?!”

One Piece Manga 902 Spoilers Reveal The Fate Of The Jinbe And The Strawhat Pirates

It seems like the Strawhats will be out of Whole Cake Island in the next chapter of the arc, which many have speculated to be the last chapter of the entire arc. The spoilers do tease ‘the last stop of Whole Cake Island’, so it seems like the arc will end either in Chapter 902 or in the upcoming 2-3 chapters. Further, we are also teased about Jimbe and his fate. According to the editor’s comments, it seems like Jinbe has now proceeded to escape himself, and has delayed the Big Mom Pirates for long enough. That’s my take on it.

If Whole Cake Island ends here, then I will have lots of problems with this arc, mainly because of the unresolved issues. We didn’t get to see what happened to Judge, the Vinsmokes, Zeff, Pedro, Pound, King Baum, or how Charlotte Moscato came back to life. Most importantly, we don’t know what happened to Charlotte Katakuri, and where Pekoms is.

Lots of stuff has been left unresolved, and ending Whole Cake Island arc here just seems weird to me after so much dragging at pointless instances. If Whole Cake Island truly ends, this will be one of the weakest writings that Oda has ever produced, so I hope the editor’s comments are misleading, and Whole Cake Island lasts for at least 4-5 more chapters until we get to see some of these problems get resolved.

One Piece Manga 902 will be available to read on Viz on Monday, 23 April 2018. Download option is not available for this manga.


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