People Start Blaming Goku As New York Sky Suddenly Turns Blue!


Hey guys! How’s it going on? So something really bizarre happened just a few hours ago in New York. As everyone was minding their own business, the sky suddenly turned blue for a while shocking everyone who was able to see it. Everyone stood and watched this phenomenon take place and started cooking up their own theories about this event. The sky turned back to normal in a very surprising way too. Let’s get into it.

Before we get into any crazy theories, let’s make it clear why the sky turned blue just a few hours back. Apparently, a transformer explosion at a power plant in Queens temporarily lit up the New York City skyline in a brilliant blue Thursday night. Even though a lot of people were saying it was an alien invasion, it was obviously not an invasion. On the other hand, our community wasn’t behind and started blaming Goku for this phenomenon.

Apparently, ‘Goku’ even started trending on twitter for a little while which is really amazing. Our community started making edits and all sorts of videos which insisted that you can hear Goku fighting Broly or some other enemy. Goku is just trying to protect us from alien invasions or some other villain. Well, even though it wasn’t Goku, it was really funny seeing all these tweets pop up. Let’s take a look at some of them down below!


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