Perfect Manga & Anime Quotes For Broken Hearted Person

Perfect Manga & Anime Quotes For Broken Hearted Person

” I’m so weak.

” smile, because that’s all you can do.

” If only the world could hear me…

” why does loving you hurts so much?..

” The air….. Feels heavy again..

” Even though I’m alive… I am not real

” I’m fine. That’s what you want to hear me say, right?

” I want to go somewhere completely silent and sleep.

” Always left behind


” when you told me you liked me,

I was so happy..

” Liar.

” I’m like a little girl, waiting for you to chase after me…


” Am i feeling sad, or empty, or lonely…

Sometimes i become so lost.


” I’m always the one who loves more…

that’s my problem..


” What should i do…?!

” This part of me has been empty forever..

” I have to forget about it,

Continue living a reclusive life,

Avoid looking at other people, and stop falling in love.

” What’s left for me was only loneliness.


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