Pinoy creatives inspired by Makoto Shinkai, anime go viral


The entire world was hooked on the amazing visuals and the incredible love story told by acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Makoto Shinkai in “Kimi No Na Wa” (Your Name).

Longtime fans of anime in the Philippines found inspiration in the film and created impressive content that unsurprisingly went viral.

Artist Ralph Justin Ulep has always admired Shinkai, who in other movies like “5 Centimeters Per Second” and “Garden of Words” displayed exceptional talent in drawing very detailed backgrounds. Ulep decided to take a page from Shinkai and started creating illustrations of Manila in a similar style.

“Actually naging curious lang talaga ako if anong istura ng mga lugar dito sa Maynila if ito’y mapapanood natin sa isang anime,” Ulep said in an interview for News To Go on Friday.

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Meanwhile, Alloy and Sheila Vargas decided to pay tribute to Shinkai’s movie by creating a live-action version of its trailer as their pre-wedding video.

In it, Alloy plays Taki and Sheila plays Mitsuha — the main characters in “Your Name” who swap bodies. Instead of Tokyo, the scenes are shot in Manila and in other scenic places in the country that mimics the landscapes featured in the movie.

Sheila was initially apprehensive about the project, but the video was not only made, it became a hit. As of current writing, it has been viewed over a million times on Facebook.

The Vargases, Ulep, and Sia all encouraged fellow fans to pursue their passion and create. — Aya Tantiangco, GMA News


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